How to properly conduct a healthy and fruitful debate

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Here is something very useful for anyone in this forum.

It´s a simple pyramid graphic showing how to properly conduct a healthy and fruitful debate:


original essay:


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I don't get exactly what you trying to say here, it looks like this is explaining how to conduct an unhealthy conversation.
lol i was thinking the samething.. it looks like directions on how to argue a point (which is exactly what a debate is really right? an argument) sort of like presidential debates are just arguments over different topics.. people sit and watch people arguing over different subjects and try to catch the majorities attention by making false promises... well thats just my 2 cents for the day lol.. :)


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Let's additionally differentiate between the terms 'debate" and "discussion". A discussion may be a sharing of knowledge whereas the potential exists for all sides to achieve new perspective. it's a cooperative exploration that pools data and appears at an issue from completely different angles. A "debate" is what we have a tendency to sometimes see on the web. A dialogue is folks defensive their purpose of read and trying to undermine the other purpose of read. in a very dialogue, folks have chosen sides before the speak begins and also the solely those that would possibly amendment their minds square measure those that square measure observant. Discussion may be a marvelous factor. dialogue is best used for politics and doesn't sometimes cause larger understanding.