[Opinion] Experiences with enlighten teacher. How many of you have had a similar experience?


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About 16 years ago I woke up to a spiritual energy thanks to a spiritual teacher living in Finland named Dave Oshana. I experienced a complete opening of all my energy centers and my consciousness expanded to unforeseen levels. I always wonder how many people out there have had similar experiences and with what teacher. Here is a brief bio of Dave Oshana:

DO was a spiritual seeker on an intense quest for Enlightenment for 25 years. He tried many spiritual teachers, teaching and techniques but nothing got him Enlightened. For several years he told his spiritual friends that he doubted whether Enlightenment existed but then suddenly he became Enlightened. Dave now shares and proves in a direct and simple way that we can all become Enlightened. Experiencing is believing.

How many of you have had similar experiences and with what teacher?