Human Origins & Lost Races: Pye, Foerster & Wills

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This is a great interview on Red Ice Radio. Both parts are open to listen to at no cost to non-members.

Lloyd Pye, Brien Foerster & Jerry Wills - Hour 1 & 2 - Human Origins & Lost Races
May 30, 2013'Lloyd Pye is a researcher, author and lecturer. His subject areas include Intervention Theory, Hominoids, human origins and the Starchild Skull. Brien Foerster is a professional sculptor and author known for his research on the megalithic sites of South America. He is also the assistant director of the Paracas History Museum in Paracas, south of Lima. Jerry Wills is the executive producer for Xpeditions TV and known as a healer, explorer and adventurer. Jerry has also had many UFO/ ET experiences. In the first hour Lloyd and Brien will discuss their combined research into anomalous ancient skulls. Over the last few years they have been working behind the scenes in conjunction with geneticists on ground breaking research related to human origins. The Star Child and the elongated skulls are both enigmas, which defy Darwin's theories on human evolution. We’ll hear why humans couldn’t possibly have evolved from primates. Lloyd tells us what the "missing link" is. In the second hour Jerry joins Lloyd and Brien. Jerry speaks of his intense experience with the Amaru Muru portal in Peru, known to the locals as "The Devil’s Doorway." We’ll discuss strange megalithic sites around Lake Titicaca. Later, we talk about unexplainable experiences and altered states related to megalithic sites and how profoundly ignorant we are of true reality. We end the hour on the struggle of alternative researchers and the need for the mainstream to label truth as quackery.'

Click here to watch (for free) Jerry and Kathy Wills' documentary about The Stargate of Aramu Muru, that Jerry described travelling through in part two of this interview on Red Ice Radio.
'Is this ancient stone portal actually a passageway to another dimension... a wormhole generator, built by an ancient and long forgotten race, that can instantly propel you to a location here on Earth, or an exotic world in some distant corner of the universe? Who were they? What did they know that we do not? You come face to face with great secrets here, forgotten knowledge begging to be brought out into the light.

In 1998 Kathy and I had an unbelievable experience at the doorway. We've returned with our investigative team to explore the area further, and to discover more about this intriguing place.'