[Update!] I have finally seen the transaction!!!


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This is another entry into the blog about my unruly neighbors.

It first started off last night at 4pm. They gathered at the neighbors next door to me. They were outside last night for four hrs getting so loud, (sitting outside in the rain) we kept having to turn to up the volume on the TV, resulting in another argument between my friend and I.

They have the unmitigated nerve to sit right in front of our door, like on the Welcome mat and do their thing. We don't have all that solid of a door, a few cracks, they(maintenance) attempted to put weather stripping around because the electric bill was going through the roof, and it started falling off the first day it was up, preventing us from locking the dead bolt) anyway I digress but had to inform you of the situation which led to what was going on last night.

Anyway the kids and their usual MO of getting loud afterward, leads me to more observation, and the subsequent observation of the passing of the joint.

Today the main culprits were up and out at the crack of noon, after a hard night of sleeping off the alcoho, I saw the meandering outside with open containers,l and other stuff.

I saw the kid next door to us go over there as soon as he knew they were up and left a few minutes later carrying his wallet in his hand. While I knnow this doesn't mean anything a few minutes later came the raucus laughter of his girlfriend and I saw a non-resident receive "something" from the main trouble maker and cash was handed over to the main trouble maker.

My neighbor a few doors down had mentioned in a phone conversation, that someone had tried to get into her apartment while she was out (she makes her money the old-fashioned way, she has a job in a different county no less, and now is attending culinary school) anyway suffice it to say she replaced her lock on the back door and told us who she thought it was, guess what the usual suspects.

I have an e-mail set to go off to a county advice center as to how to handle the situation. They are outside with their posse everyday watching what goes on around here,makes me feel uncomortable even retrieving the mail from under their vigilant eyes, and when I do stick my head out to either do that or let someone, the same people just gawk my friend is paying $40.00 more on her rent (that she can't spare because of her fixed income on Social Security) then nearly everyone else here. As for my errands I get up at 5:00 am and have everything done before they plop themselves outside.

There's one tenant who must be paying more than us now, because when we moved in my friend asked him how much he was paying and he said $725.00 but that was only because he had been here so long. He didn't ask her the same thing, but at that time she was paying $25.00 a month less then him. He clearly thought we were paying more in rent then he was. But then that's what happens everyone ollder pays more rent then the ones who are new.

Unfortunately, without money we can't break the lease and move to a better place or we would if we could. They just got rid of tenant who had to be physically watched by the police when she removed her items from the apartment. Maintenance told us she had trashed the apartment.


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That is terrible. Just terrible. I can't imagine the stress you and your friend must be under living there. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. All we can do is try our best to get the truth out and make this world a better place that is worth living and where no one needs to live under such conditions. Money is the cause of this, and the greed that money causes.


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Thank you for your sympathies.

I always say greed is bad.

Do you ever watch game shows? I always think that the person who (Let's Make a Deal) and (Wheel of Fortune) specifically gets a Zonk or Bankrupt kind of deserves it. They're not happy with what they have and (Wheel of Fortune)you can kind of tell when the person knows it and keeps going).