I?ve been betrayed by this Government, says Iraq War hero who won George Cross but no


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Chris Finney, George Cross
UK Daily Mail
Sunday, Nov 1st, 2009

The youngest soldier to win the George Cross has criticised Gordon Brown for ‘betraying’ the Armed Forces and revealed he now works in a call centre, selling insurance.​

‘My medal says I am a hero of the Iraqi conflict, a man of extraordinary valour and strength of character,’ says Chris Finney. ‘But now I work in a call centre. My life has gone from one extreme to the other.’

At 18, he won Britain’s highest civil accolade for rescuing a wounded comrade from a burning Scimitar armoured rec my, he would have won the Victoria Cross.

They were victims of US ‘friendly fire’ that killed comrade Matty Hull during the Iraq invasion in 2003.

In a moving interview in tomorrow’s Mail on Sunday 2, Mr Finney says that when he received his George Cross, ‘the Queen told me she had not presented a GC for “such a long time” and that it was “a privilege” to give it to me’.

Here, with typical bravery, Chris reveals why he had to leave the Army…