Illuminati Training Video Leaked

Truth Vibrations

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Well regardless of whether or not this video is real, the message in the video is quite clear and quite accurate from what information I have gathered. The other thing is they had to get the presenter to present this video, he did it very professionally. So somebody either knows this individual and got them to do it for free or had enough money to pay him to do it or this is authentic video.


If this video is true, do you think you could wake up a family member with it? The presenter does look very professional, and I don't get an amateur feel of this video. Makes me wonder if it is authentic?


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I haven't watched it in it's entirety, but it does look very professionally done. And, the guy looks like he COULD be reptilian, just an observation.

However, if this WAS leaked by Anonymous, and Anonymous IS part of the Illuminati masking themselves as hackers, then it COULD be a cover to put something out there to make truth seekers fall for it and say "see, i told you so", kind of thing. Just saying.

Always gotta look at ALL the possibilities, if not, you're stuck in a belief that may not be the truth, or at least not the FULL truth. I'm on a quest to find the FULL TRUTH! Explore every facet of everything!

White Rabbit

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I've never seen this video before, thanks for bringing it to my attention. This man does look like a professional television presenter, I don't see how a group of hackers would have the ability to pay a professional television presenter to present a small little YouTube clip for them.

100th Monkey

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You're welcome white rabbit, I'm not quite sure if it's true other. I wonder if anybody could post the story of where this video originates from? I can't find anything else on it.