Illuminati Celebrity Satanism Exposed!! 2015 [Full Documentary]

Boiling Frog

Truth Activist

Published on Nov 19, 2014
Perhaps my most censored upload, I had to re-edit it just to make this video available and it's still censored on most devices, and in most countries. This video exposes what famous people have to do in order to become rich, and stay rich. Warning, some graphic stuff is discussed in this video.

Most people are brought up with believing in the righteous way of God, the ten commandments. Whilst at the same time the Illuminati / cabal practice the complete opposite and worship Satan.

When we discover the truth many people apply the teachings of God and want to forgive their evil doings because they no not what they do, well yes they do and they would not hesitate to shoot anyone in the back after thanking you for your forgiveness. How dumb are we to go along with these crimes against humanity.