Indigenous Native American Prophecy (Elders Speak) about life


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Part 1 Native American population reduced from 60m to 800,00 by the end of the second world war.

Part 2 All children have a common leader. We have to take care of the next 7 generations. Why do we never talk about our responsibility? A tree is a community, but replacing a tree is not replanting a community.

Part 3 Leadership has to come from business. It's the market that we have to deal with. Fish, for instance is not a resource, it's a family. Natural law has no mercy, it is only the law. Governments must have a moral question.

Part 4 Our mission sometimes takes a time to be known. A peacemaker came when people were killing - you kill, I kill, you kill, I kill. He brought a message of peace.

Part 5 Talking further to the instructions from the Peacemaker for all life. All life is family.