Invasion: Iran Says 'Tall, White' Space Aliens Control America -

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...and no one in the world seems to have noticed! WOW!

Documents leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden conclusively prove that the United States has been ruled by a race of tall, white space aliens who also assisted the rise of Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

These revelations about our alien overlords might not cost you any sleep. But the part that should concern you a tad is that the UFO story was just published by the Fars News Agency, the English-language news service of Iran, a nation that may be very close to acquiring nuclear weapons.

This being a crazy conspiracy theory, naturally the Russians are behind it. The alleged alien invasion was revealed in an alleged report by Russia's FSB spy agency, which found "incontrovertible proof' that an 'alien/extraterrestrial intelligence agenda' is driving U.S. domestic and international policy, and has been doing so since at least 1945," said the Iranian news service.

Iran Says 'Tall, White' Space Aliens Control America - Forbes


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If you read the article further, the author seems to be making fun of the idea, but at the same time he seem as though he believes it could be true. It sure seems to me that alien are running the country!