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Sep 15 2014

For the record, it is NOT THE JESUITS

I do not know who spawned all the Jesuit B.S. that is circulating the web, but I am tired of it and would like to state in no uncertain terms: It is NOT THE JESUITS doing fake beheadings, tainted vaccines, or anything else, such as running a scam "federal reserve" and stealing 90 percent of taxes. And I can prove this with ease, so easily that anyone with three or more functioning neurons could "get it". The Jesuits ARE NOT DOING IT ALL, because they do not own Fox, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC or any other media outlets, the Jews do, and if these outlets were running legitimate news, Isis would have been busted within three clock cycles of a broadcast compressor,(0.26 nanoseconds) and the fact that the media has sat there actively supporting the scam means that the same people running the media are running ISIS, and THAT would be the Jewish community.

To those whos job it is to sit there trolling the blogs spreading Jesuit B.S. I would like them to consider something: Consider it is super easy to document it is NOT THE JESUITS OR ANYONE ELSE running these beheading scams, since the Jesuits are an obscure group they make an easy scapegoat to fool idiots with.

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