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"The Death Of One [Person] Is A Tragedy, The Death Of Millions Is A Statistic"

Unfortunately, that IS how life is seen by those in power. I don't agree with it and I aim to change it. This site and others like it have the power to do something for the good of all humanity. I for one have feelings and know that all death is tragic. Anything we hold dear to us is tragic when we lose it. That is what emotions are for.

Joseph Stalin was part of the Illuminati and one who had control over millions of lives. It's all just so wrong on so many levels.


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you ever notice how many quotes from the elite are accurate? This is the world they've created and they hide their truths out in the open. Nothing like telling you to your face what a useless piece of s**t you are. Or at least thats what they truly believe we are. Sad really.