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Lady of Light

I've decided to put together a bunch of my photos that I've taken with inspirational sayings and I thought I would share with everyone. These are my own photographs and my own words, although some of the sayings may be paraphrased from elsewhere, the majority of what is said comes from within myself.

I plan to make this a continuous thing where I upload new photos and words of wisdom over time.

These pictures, as I have uploaded (words included) are free to share and spread as long as they are shared AS IS. That means they must have all of the disclaimers such as the copyright and the "all rights reserved", as well as the credit still attached.

I hope you enjoy! :)

Lady of Light


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I plan to first and foremost have them here on UHF, but I will be spreading them where I can. Within the next couple of days I will begin to spread them onto the Unhypnotize page that we have on Facebook to help spread the word about what we have to offer here in the forums. As much as I despise Facebook for its deceptive nature and how it steals people's information and monitors everything that you do, it is, unfortunately, an effective tool to reach the masses.
Nice work and so are the words I think when you put it that way it does make you think about things and help you to put it in perspective. Now I know where to look when circuumstances get me down, :)
Nice work and so are the words I think when you put it that way it does make you think about things and help you to put it in perspective. Now I know where to look when circuumstances get me down, :)

Thanks! That is my goal, to have these words and saying for people to reflect on and pick their spirits back up when things aren't going so good.

I will continue. I plan on going through all my pictures and getting lots of them up here.

I'm glad you enjoy them. :)
I agree with what you say about Facebook. I don't trust them as far as I can pick them up and throw them, but as you say they do have their uses. I do hate the constant intrusiveness into our personal lives. Maybe I'll change my mind and join. They have been known to do some good.
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Here's a few more that I managed to have time to put together. Enjoy! :)


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Thank you really enjoy looking at the positive statements, will try to remember to go look at them when I feel the need. Thanks for the reminder, sometimes I have although I'm not completely there yet, "senior Moments"

Let's just say if I trusted them :( I qualify only for AARP.
I know that every little bit helps, and these days especially, people need inspiration just o make it through some days. I strongly believe in sharing positive and not sharing negative. :)

BTW, not sure what AARP is. Call it a blonde moment,lol. :) (I'm Canadian, so I don't follow what you guys have over there.)
Forgot about that. I've senior when you're busy you can't keep up with everything goling on on your country as well as ours.

AARP is supplemental health insurance who start going after you when you turn 50 for membership, noif you're not eligible for Medicare until 65 years old. They were supposed to be their for seniors in this country, they approved the Affordable Health Care Act aka as Obama care. In that section of the bill which is 2700 pages, they have established an Independent Panel Advisory Board (IPAB). 15 unelected officials are going to decide what kind of health care the seniors need to keep alive, and what to do medically aka death panel in my humble opinion. Even if they repeal everything they say that they won't be able to get IPAB. Scary times.
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Well, in that case, ya, I can see why you wouldn't trust them. :) It's too bad. So terrible what things have become. I'm lucky when it comes to healthcare, it's free here. I'm a long way off of senior (physical body only, long past senior in wisdom, lol), but I don't trust the medical community. They are a bunch of leeches in my opinion and don't know a thing about healing people, they only care about their income.

Sorry, I think I went off on a tangent there, lol. :)

Anyhow, something that is coming to mind right now that my father has always said to me when everything just starts to go wrong, especially out of the blue (like when everything you do in a day just somehow is so terrible). When the shit hits the fan you simply say "Pour it on" and things usually will start to go better. So if you ask for more to happen and you want it all at once, things tend to get better. :)
Can't blame you for the sentiment about the drs. I don't trust them either my poor friend has to go to her Dr. this week, the dr. asks for 20% up front what Medicare doesn't pay, they were upgrading there system the last time she was there didn't pay anything, then the next appointment, the dr. cancelled guess she had to, then last month my friend didn't feel like going cancelled the day of, (I think there's a $35.00 charge for that, none if you do it 24hrs in advance, (how do you know what you're going to feel like 24 hrs in advance?) and now she has this trip, at least $29.99 These Drs here well this one my friend goes to now, makes $250.00 an office visit,(we get the info from her Medicare statement) yet they swear to do no harm on the hipocratic oath, guess Hiprocrates didn't think of a persons bank account. (Sorry my little rant.)

I'm still some years away from being an official senior 65 years old, though sometimes I feel older,being raised by my grandmother, and she always had alot of her friends around, made me a little older then my actual age did.

Good idea, about the pouring on never thought of asking for more of it. Will try. :)
Here are a few more I put together today. I hope you all enjoy! :)


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And a few more for those interested. :)


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I don't know if this next one even belongs with these others. It should probably have a new thread for itself as well as some that may follow that fit into the same category, but I guess it doesn't matter. I'm putting it here anyway.

I know I'd like to be free. :)

There is definately something happening, while I don't have psychic abilities, but even I've been if I think about it, having a feeling that something big will happen this year. Hope it will be good.
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Thank you some good reminders.

I guess I was looking backwards there for a little bit, it's hard to let go of the past I'm not as bad as I used to be about it. :) Sometimes I still rant a little bit about it though and backslide.:apologetic:
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