Lindsey Williams - Elite Emergency Data

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The item linked above was ordered so you don't have soon as the audio content is received, the audio will be posted as a Vimeo and Youtube file with the relevant information since Pastor Williams does not copyright his materials, to ensure maximum distribution. The links to the audio will be posted below. Please do not make any comments in this post until the audio is available for review and comparison with other information. Lindsey Williams certainly does not have a perfect track record, but his information should at least be taken into account and compared with other information available, such as 'V' Guerrilla Economist posts - V - The Guerrilla Economist Updates. Don't treat the materials presented as gospel, consider it as food for thought...nothing more.

From Lindsey Williams: My Elite friend has told me when the collapse of the banks and the crash of the dollar will take place. There are TWO other collapses which you must know about that will affect you and your family MORE than the collapse of the dollar.

Without having the materials in hand, common sense would suggest that the two other collapses Pastor Williams is referring to are the collapse of the food chain/supplies and electrical grid...but that's an educated guess. I'm not an insider, so just consider this material as additional data points for review. While we're at it, ditch any fear of the future/unknown...last time I checked, mortality rate was rounded up to 100%, so the pressure's off. Find ways to serve those around you and let the All There Is worry about the rest.