Local Congregations for Theosophy, Gnosticism, Shamanism, Aetherius, and Scientology


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In my city, there’re local congregations for Theosophy, Gnosticism, Shamanism, Aetherius, and Scientology. I’m thinking about joining. I wonder what your comments on that are.

Lady of Light

I don't know anything about the others that you mention here, but from what I have heard of Scientology, I would steer clear of getting involved with such a "cult". That is my personal opinion. It doesn't hurt to learn everything you can about every one of these views. In order to have a higher understanding of the world, and to gain knowledge to put yourself into a position for being a more "spiritual" and peaceful being, it is important to look at everything, and to do so objectively without settling into any ONE belief or belief system.

Linda Brown

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STudy all of them but only invest yourself in one that still calls to you after your extensive study. That would be my advice. Once you have enough knowledge of them to understand what it is that THEY offer maybe by then you will understand more clearly what it is that YOU are looking for. Trust your inner voice in this...... but do your homework!!!!

You started on the right track by asking this question.... The best to you.... Linda