McDonald's Poisoning Its Own Customers & 'Loving it' because of MSG ExcitoToxins!



ViralPoison quotes:

"We are proud to present this commercial commissioned by McDonald's to portray the truth about their brand and about how much they care about their customers' digestive systems. How good to know that McDonald's is one of the few corporates in this world to promote the consequences of their poisonous food. Food is meant to nurture the body, and NOT to POISON it! McDonald's commissioned this commercial to convey this idea. They spent a lot of resources but they now realise it was well worth it. The aim of this campaign is to attract to McDonald's only idiots who prioritise taste, smell and branding, whilst departure from those customers who know well the truth behind these "golden arches".

Food is not what goes in your mouth and fills your stomach. Food is what nourrishes your body and mind and recharges you of real pure clean reliable energy. Would you put water instead of fuel in your car's tank? Try it out!

Anything deep fried and well salted tastes good. Potatos and McDonald's mince meat (nobody knows where and what they put in that mince) are so cheap, so cheap, so cheap. With 5cents they can put together a greedy portion of empty calories. Ok not totally empty, filled of filthy and notoriously bad for you so-called food filled of deep fried low quality oils (surely not extra virgin olive oil) salt sugar and refined flour with zero fibre and near to zero nutrients.

True what you say. Either you get it, either you don't. Some people think their mouths are motorways and they would eat furniture and video tapes if ads would tell them to. Our mission here at ViralPoison is to say what ads don't. That's all. I'm loving you ... aye right! Brainwashing ads do not work here at ViralPoison.

[coda623 quote]: "McDonald's is only bad if you eat it daily, weekly, every two weeks, etc. Eating McDonald's or other fast food once every one or two months is not bad for you."
[unquote][ViralPoison response]: "True, everything in moderation cannot be bad for you. I eat only one magic mushroom in the morning with breakfast, then add only one teaspoon of bleach to my coffee, then for lunch I add two pinches of dog **** to my main course and for dinner ... the moderation theory sucks!"

[lordsprouts quote]: "First off I won't eat there. The food may be bad for you but they don't exactly put a gun to your head and make you eat a Big Mac every day. If you go to their store and pay money for crap, that's YOUR decision not McDonalds. They post the nutritional content online and at their stores. If you're to lazy to read it, that's again, YOUR fault. People ought to take responsibility for their decisions and the consequences of them instead of blaming a company which is providing a service." [unquote] [ViralPoison response]: "Hey here is one actually defending the"cheap and nasty food industry"... And they call themselves "restaurants" ... Why are you defending them? I think I know why."

[Dario Kustura quote]: "i'm still gonna eat it, i think ppl over react, it sure will kill someone who eats it 3 times a day but i eat it like once/twice a month and im still alive + i have NEVER found anything non eatable in any burger. maybe its different in america but here no one complains about it. and i don't get it why they would put waxed paper in burgers? if they would rly do it and the public would find that out, they would go bankrupt, and they sure wouldnt go in such risk. don't believe EVERYTHING internet says."[unquote] [zeudoschon response]: "By your comment one can see that you've no idea about the human body.The human body doesn't fall sick or show any reaction right away when eating unhealthy or even toxic food. Let's say u eat something which is contaminated.U won't notice it right away but in a few years time you'll get cancer and you'll only notice it when it's too late.What I'm trying to tell u is u shouldn't ever risk your health because it doesn't matter how much u eat, ur body will always react to it. If it's now or later"

ViralPoison: Dont believe everything Internet says. Trust the "taste buds" in your mouth instead! (John: but what about MSG?) I understand now. McDonald's target market is the "Stupid people". And there are so many in this world to make a good business out of it. Fry in your fried poison!

[Cadbil quote]: "I haven't ate Mcdonald's for 4 months. And without Mcdonald's, I became better looking, muscular, less acnes and higher self esteem. Mcdonald's are just trying to depopulate the world"