[Opinion] McDonald's want ad demands bachelor's degree, two years experience for cashier


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Bachelors degree to be a cashier Ridiculous

McDonald's want ad demands bachelor's degree, two years experience for cashier | WashingtonExaminer.com

by Paul Bedard

I saw this and flipped! Some of my prior jobs have been in retail, very unstable line of work in my opinion, and yes I did run a cash register (SHOCKING: No college degree required, just common sense, and the ability to deal with people, you don't even have to know how to give change).

This is ridiculous,these are jobs that the average worker could do, if you had these qualities, even if you didn't it would be a learning experience. What's going to happen to people like myself who have no degree, I've done office work here is harder they want you to know Spanish, with no degree now they want you to have them because corporations are too indifferent to train someone. Ridiculous, Bachelors degree should be for something important not a cashiering.

Another scam for the colleges and student loan industry to push unsuspecting public into more debt.

With colleges producing more graduates, and youth unemployment at a sky-high 11.5 percent, even landing a job selling Big Macs is getting competitive.

Of course, no one mentions the baby boomers, apparently the only thing we count for are votes, and taxes.

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