Memory foam toxicity? - Can Your Mattress Kill You?


Just thought maybe this would be great to discuss:

We used to sleep on bed mattresses made of more or less natural untreated stuff. But now, they tell you that you ain't cool, man, if you do not have a visco-elastic polyurethane foam (also called memory foam) mattress. They say this is the technological revolution in your bed, the Star Trek dream in your bedroom and the idea of the rigid mattresses is just a prejudice. It is being strongly advertised that the memory foam will remove your back, neck and articulation pains.

Millions of people have got a better sleep and life quality, according to the sites selling these products, and, in their published surveys, about 90 % of the clients vote for these mattresses. More than in the elections held in a Communist country.

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Of course is that you, nearly everything in your home is that you, your rugs the paint on your walls, a plastic dishes, the containers your foods come in, any synthetic clothing, insulation, electronics, your toothbrush even your shoes! You can't avoid it all, avoid what you can and to limit your exposure!


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Yes, we used to have more natural products (which are healthier for you), and less man-made chemically treated products such as this.

Of course memory foam is treated with harmful chemicals which slowly kill us while we sleep. It's the illuminati's way of making it not obvious as to where your health problems are coming from. If the doctors don't know what's causing it, they can prescribe the Illuminati-controlled pharmeceuticals that will help to kill us too. And then, not only do you have the first thing killing you, you've now added more things to your body, voluntarily, and you're killing yourself quicker. All the while, the elite get away with their plans of silently killing off the majority of the population.

Well, I won't have it. I don't' fall for these gimicks. If it's something I can live without, I try my best to do so. Why should I poison myself if I don't have to?


Sometimes the natural healthier products are actually worse for you then a man-made products, so turning your back on all man-made product just because you assume that all man-made products are bad for you is not necessarily good either.

For example: product labels indicate natural or artificial flavors, people assume natural flavors are better for you, but in reality sometimes the natural flavors come from a source that contains toxins the cannot be removed during the manufacturing process. However the artificial flavors do not contain these toxins therefore are healthier for you.

This whole thing is a game to keep you confused and not know what is best for you. Your job is to learn about every product that you bring into your home and verify that it's the safest possible product for you and your family and once you do that you're not necessarily going to be right, but at least you made an educated guess and you tried for you and your family to keep as healthy as possible products in your home. At least that their intentions were good. Because nobody could ever truly know all the truth about any given product.

Even in nature things out of the forest can harm you, if you build a home of dirt and sticks you would get mold growing inside the home that is harmful to the humans living inside it. It's just a fact of life keep your body healthy and you build to heal yourself from most of the exposure to these harmful chemicals in products and avoid the ingestion of anything that comes from plastics in the petroleum companies.