November 26, 2011

Greetings from that which is light!

You are in exciting times for any species, with energies coming to you that affect not only your experiences in your world, but who you are as beings of light. Your light quotients are rising faster and to greater heights than ever before because you have more light available to you. Photons merging withy your energy fields are raising your vibrations to new and finer frequencies than humanity has ever experienced. Far beyond that, you are becoming infused with frequencies from the before times, those which bring you to a pinnacle of existence. Energies that can carry you to expanded awareness that is light years from what you have experienced in the past.

The energies are currently moving through you like shock waves, commanding all that is you to awaken, to let go, and to let yourselves float freely in your divinity and your creative processes. You, who believe that you are mere mortals, have a reality check on the way! You, who believe that you must be imperfect for some reason, have a great call from the very heart of your source coming to you, beckoning you to realize that the gifts you believe you have are not gifts at all, but the very true nature of who you have always been. You are reflections of your source, created in its image as perfect beings of light. These aspects are reawakening in you. That which you had forgotten, that which you had forgotten to believe in, that which you have always been comes forward as both individual realizations and your collective consciousness.

Do you not remember that together you are exponential in your effectiveness? Together you are a force of such magnitude that you cannot only create but change reality? When two or more of you come together as beings of light, sending any message into creation, that message expands as future reality. When you gather in masses with your intentions you are beyond human, you become a force of nature. Gather with the light of your love, gather with the intentions of a mighty and loving future, gather in the name of love, and gather with forgiveness of each other’s perceived differences, for in truth there are none. Express yourselves for the truths that you know to be self-evident for they are divine. Express yourselves in every moment of every day and know that this is your right as a divine creature of light.

The energies have reached critical mass. That shift which you have been intending moves through your world like the wind. The time is now. You have waited long enough. You have waited. Now be what you have intended. Be what you have meant to create, be all that you know to be true for in that being you deliver what has always been possible. Now make it so. Your world is at a crux point. The division has been going on for some time between that which is light and that which has forgotten its light. Shine brightly as you know how and take the balance over the edge into grace. All beings in your world deserve to be seen, heard, loved, and nurtured, but that has not been so. Give of yourselves and be willing to receive what that giving brings, for it is not what you buy that is the ultimate gift, but what and who you are that is the greatest gift you can share. Gift the gift of yourselves to your world and your world will become the greatest gift to you.

In your coming times, there will be opportunities for the commonality to come together like never before. As this is so, it is also so that every moment offers you a change to contribute part of your being to another, or to a circumstance. That doesn’t mean to give yourselves away. It means to enhance by sharing. When you do this from balance you are within the flow instead of working at it. As part of the flow, you are also part of the force of creation itself. You are immensely powerful.

In your coming times, there will be changes in your world. You have begun to see these already in the form of protests, people in places of power being ferreted out as selfish, dishonest, or worse. You are seeing people gather in masses with a greater voice commanding change. You are seeing resistance in the face of these changes. It takes courage to change a world, but change is always possible.

This winter you will be witnessing or experiencing, depending upon your locations, more weather anomalies particularly in the form of high winds. These particularly in the area of Europe, and most specifically in the UK, France and Spain. Exceedingly high winds and some heavy snows will be in occurrence. Weather patterns will continue to shift as the patterns appear opposite from their previous affects. Many of the regions who have historically had warm winters will experience much colder and more precipitation than in previous years. Those who have had hard winters will experience much less winter effect or a heightening of effect depending upon the location.

As we have spoken in the past, weather anomalies are directly relative to seismic activity. Seismic activity is what we consider to be in related forms of earthquake, volcanic, weather and even electromagnetic releases from your planet that actually dictate your weather patterns. There are gong to be several large electromagnetic releases from deep within your planet this coming year. Watch for extensive activity in the Canary Islands, the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of the USA, the pacific rim of fire particularly off the coast of South America and another great quake in Indonesia.

What many of your scientists are not considering is what we call the percussive effect of your seismic releases. When there is an earthquake it is true that there is an exponential release of energy based upon its strength but there is also a different kind of energetic effect that is not being considered. We call this the percussive effect. For instance if you look at the U.S. map of earthquakes in this now you will see an arc of smaller quakes spanning the country. This arc is a loosely formed Fibonacci spiral that will tighten over time.

This spiral is the effect of quakes across the planet sending out energy much in a way that sound waves travel. This is the secondary effect of all of these events but the most vitally important. If these percussive waves were studied by your scientists it would be found that by tracking the percussive patterning one could predict earthquakes and other seismic events just by following the electromagnetic events and that patterns of the secondary quakes. The current curve indicates that within the coming 7 to 8 years there is a vast possibility that the new Madrid fault will shake in a violent manner. This activity will affect the mid to lower end of the fault line more dramatically than the upper end, although there will be activity there as well as more of an after event balancing. This may occur for a period of weeks. What you are witnessing now are precursors of energy that are setting up the master event so to speak. We do not speak this lightly.

As your world moves into the planetary alignment of 12/21/12, you will witness many public changes of attitude. This is because of the energies that are aligning to an intensified and direct form of effect. The energy patterns that are coming to you in waves in the current now will be pipelined directly to your world later next year. This will open a portal of other kinds of energies that come to your world only once in every 26,000 years (approximately). Use the intensities of the coming times to streamline your consciousness. Then fuel your intentions with the power of your emotions.

You magnetic north will be moving at times more quickly this year than it does normally. This is due to the alignments that are happening. This may cause a harder winter in the areas of Nova Scotia and the northeastern U.S..

We are also given that there will be another large earthquake in the area of New Zealand this time north of Christchurch. This quake will be relative to those which have already occurred and responsive to those past. It will mostly effect off coast but may be very strong on the immediate coastline.

Politically you will witness even more truths surfacing. Things are not as they appear. They will begin to reveal in the natural course of things. Too many are taking from the masses and indulging in their own misunderstood perceptions of power. Position and money are not power. They are responsibilities. These questions have been long misunderstood and misdirected. Too many suffer as a result and the balance is about to shift. Stand in your truths on this subject and require others to respond to these truths.

You have the opportunity to Master your beingness now and in the coming times. By learning to be a witness rather than an unwilling participant, by learning that as a witness you see and experience much more clearly. By adding the light and the love of your hearts to what you witness, you will know what to do, who you are, and all that is relative and all that is possible. Look with the eyes of your soul, interpret with the love of your heart, don't act without reason but instead with intention, and live every moment with passion.

If ever you feel alone, unimportant, powerless, know that these are perceptions and not what is. Each of you is vitally contributive to the greater One. You are perfection embodied, and you are never, ever alone. We and others are with you, and in your hearts are directives of light. You can be nothing less.

Be in peace.

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