Meteorologist had his website shut down for 12 days after reporting manmade Polar Vortex

Boiling Frog

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Proof of weather modification?

Published on 24 Nov 2014
This video shows, for the first time, all four weather warfare operations, which are needed, to create the "Polar Vortex" over the USA. The new discovery, is that a Haarp transmitter was used on November 23rd, to create an blockage in the jetstream, over the Texas panhandle. This obstruction caused the jetstream to fold farther north, into Canada. This deep fold is the last step in creating the artificial cold weather of the "Polar Vortex". The jetstream control in the western US causes the weather in the eastern US to be "crazy", as the jetstream whipsaws back and forth in the eastern US.
The "Polar Vortex" is a psy-op, to trick the American people into believing an ice age is coming, when in fact, the Earth is heating catastrophically.
"October 2014 was the warmest October on record, and the year-to-date-period January - October was Earth's warmest such period since record keeping began in 1880." link:
Anyone pushing the "ice age coming" psy-op is either a fool, or a paid disinfo agent.
Meteorologists are requested to critique, and correct, any errors! All coments are welcome, and thanks for watching!