Million-dollar grow-op shut down in Winnipeg

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A home in the 500 block of Beecher Avenue in Winnipeg was raided Friday by police, who said they found $1.2 million worth of pot plants.

A large "fully operational" marijuana production operation, with an estimated $1.2 million worth of plants, is out of business, Winnipeg police say.

The grow-op in a home in the 500 block of Beecher Avenue was raided Friday, police said in a media release issued Saturday.

"Located inside this residence was a large fully operational marijuana grow operation," police said in their release. "An adult male, alleged to be responsible for the grow operation was arrested in the area."

Police spent much of Friday hauling 1,100 plants out of the home. While police valued the plants at $1.2 million, they said that just 40 grams of dry cannabis marijuana, with a value of $400, was removed from the home. They also seized assorted horticulture equipment, valued at $25,000.

A 51-year-old Winnipeg man faces a number of drug-related charges.

Police said Dihn Luan Nguyen was in custody Saturday, pending a court appearance.