I got this in my email today, i wanted to share it.

Hello All,

This is Adam just wanting to let everyone know that the MMS product may soon be unavailable, as the FDA is taking strong action to close down the last avenues of where this product may be sourced. Many of you who are familiar with the MMS product are also likely to be aware of the company "Project Green Life" run by Daniel Smith and his family, and how he was made an example of by the FDA. Well, he is now before a grand jury in the final stages of the case, with the outcome being made within
the next few days. I would suggest reading the whole article in totality at and signing the petition if you feel moved to do so - as it may help Daniel and his family (and also the future of MMS)...
If you are interested in sourcing the MMS product before it is too late, then please purchase according to your location;
If you live in the USA (and the rest of the world), please visit either;
Or if in New Zealand or Australia;
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