Money Doesn't Solve Problems

Lady of Light


Money has never solved any problems. People solve problems by sharing their love and helping others. Money destroys the good in humanity.

It's not the money that helps the people; it's the people that help the people. It is people who share their time, and put their efforts toward helping those in need. The only reason money is even involved in any case of helping is because that is the current system that is in place which holds a control over us. There are lots of people who refuse to help, and mainly it is because of money, and the fear that comes with not having enough of it, or losing it entirely.


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But if there's no money, there's no fear. It won't be long until we all understand this. The sooner we do, the sooner it will be the way we live.

Many years ago, while I was still learning to meditate and to pray (properly), I asked for help solving my debt problems. The answer that came back was, "What for?" In the real reality (which this is not), there is no money and there is no debt. The concept doesn't exist. These are purely man-made constructs, just like the rest of what we believe we see, do, know. It's none of it real.

There is no money. There is no debt. There is no poverty. We all have everything -- unless you believe otherwise. It's your choice.