Murder Victim Was a Well Known Criminal

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Photo: Released by city police in April 2010 in relation to an attempt murder charge

A life of crime may have led to the murder of a Sault Ste. Marie man. City Police now believe that the person or persons responsible for the gruesome death of Wesley Hallem ,29 may have known each other.

That's the latest surrounding the murder , city police have not released the name of the victim, however, a facebook page created two days ago confirm the victim was Hallem, who was well known to police for a string of criminal activity spanning a decade.

Most recently Hallem was arrested in connection to a robbery in August of 2010, stealing cash and jewelry along with four others.

He was charged with attempt murder, firearms, drug and breach of probation related charges in relation to the firearm incident at a west end residence in April 2010.

Most of his criminal activity involved others ranging from break ins to robberies.

As part of the Police investigation , a search warrant was issued for a Wellington Street home earlier this week. Police have not released any information on what they may have found at the home.

According to Police records, Hallem resided at a home at 63 Foothill Road in the north west section of the city.

Rumours circulating around town and on internet chat rooms indicate that many believe the murder may have involved organized crime. Others believe that more than one person is responsible for Hallem's death. Hallem's body was found decapitated in an embankment off Landslide Road Tuesday by residents in the area.

Police say they will not release any more information until after an autopsy Monday in Sudbury.

Meanwhile, Police continue their investigation and urge anyone with information to contact city police.

According to an obituary issued yesterday, Hallem had one child.

No arrests have been made in relation to the murder.