[Confirmed!] United States Press Secretary's Conspiracy to Commit Murder


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Earlier this year I joined this community and brought an unsolved mystery to the forum regarding the mysterious death of a Los Angeles film producer named Michael R. Goss.

Last month I recognized someone I knew giving a press conference at the White House and after I confronted that individual, I have finally discovered the link that connects me to music artist Lady Gaga; Jay Carney's wife is Claire Shipman. Many of you know Ms. Shipman from the television show "Good Morning America" and I believe she is responsible for the effort taken by the media to blacklist me.


This also explains the eyeglasses that were photoshopped onto my face when my image was used without my consent for the marketing campaign entitled "The Predator and the Prey"

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I responded to this new turn of events by issuing a press release.

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Obama Administration Conspiracy to Commit Murder Proves Treason Against the United States of America Source: The Antichrist
Dated: Nov. 02, 2013

An Open Letter to the Leadership of the United States of America and the entire Global Community:

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Please know, I have exhausted every possible avenue for recourse and the corruption in this country has consumed the federal government. The information I have brought into public view is the evidence that proves elected officials and government employees are involved in a conspiracy of treason, murder and fraud. I have been investigating the homicide of a West Hollywood film producer who was killed in 2009. His name was Michael Rito Goss and I was his true beneficiary. His death was made to look like he died from cancer, the estate documents were forged, the court was misled, and I was locked out of my home by strangers who took everything I had away from me. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Department of Homeland Security have been working in orchestra to censor the details surrounding Mr. Goss death. It has taken nearly six years to collect enough evidence to prove the source of this chaos originates inside the White House because the individual responsible is Jay Carney, the United States Press Secretary.
My own government is victimizing me, my civil rights are being violated, my basic human rights are being denied, and my “freedom” is an illusion because Jay Carney has made the decision to run from accountability. I have made every attempt to settle this privately with Mr. Carney and if I am forced to make our conversations public, the reason will be, because Jay Carney gave me no other option. I have been recording and documenting the evidence that proves Mr. Carney has been targeting me, defaming me with libel and slander which illustrates how he has used his social influence to blacklist me. He has even incriminated law firms like Allred, Maroko & Goldberg for conspiracy because when Mr. Carney told me
he knew the Senior Partners, I contacted Margie Somers and gave her a copy of the phone transcripts. I was confident this would finally end, but instead of acknowledging me, Ms. Somers made the decision to insult me by claiming ignorance.
On a separate occasion I approached Mr. Carney and confronted him for exploiting me in the media for the song “Alejandro” performed by music artist Lady Gaga. He even agreed to compensate me for the damages I have suffered, except his promises were lies and his mockery became apparent when he organized an attempt against my life that failed and caused a historic Victorian bungalow to burn to the ground. The Federal Bureau of Investigation then made the mistake to tell me I was “delusional”and according to the FBI, the address 127 South Serano in Los Angeles, California never existed.
When the FBI joined in the effort to insult me, I again confronted Mr. Carney and he continued to digress the situation by publishing my image, without my consent, on an adult pay per view website. He gave himself away because I was wearing his signature eyeglasses; they were photoshopped onto my face and it was entitled “The Predator and The Prey." According to the record, I am emotional, unconventional, and eclectic but I am not dishonest. When one is fighting a war against deception, dishonesty offers no benefits. Therefore, it is important that my metaphors
to “Antichrist” and “God” are not misunderstood because I was making the attempt to protect the public image, of not only Mr. Carney, but also the President of United States of America. Just because Jay Carney ruined my public image, I never felt the need to ruin his and even though Jay Carney destroyed my life, it does not give me the right to destroy his because after all, “revenge” is His, saith the Lord. I’m not religious, but I do believe in Karma. I had to regain control of my life somehow, and I had to think outside the box to accomplish it which is the reason the Preface of my memoir is entitled "Pandora, her Box and her Daddy's Curse." If anyone is delusional, it is Jay Carney for believing he was getting away with
something, which does not reflect well on the people, public agencies, and private corporations he has convinced to play along with this "Hunger Game."
When my targeting started I gave Mr. Carney and his conspirators a metaphor of the "Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs," but instead of accepting humility, they are facing humiliation as the consequence. The subtitle of my memoir is “A Billion Dollar Farce” because I knew I would have a billion dollar lawsuit by time this was over. However, this is not over yet, and if I go missing or end up dead before I am able to finish this once for all, it will be a muti-billion dollar lawsuit. I pray that this time, recourse is given because justice must be served and G-D forbid my metaphors are validated with the intervention of a higher power. I am sure that many things are said about me and my book, but above all the crazy words and
unbelievable situations, my book succeeds by making "God" tangible.
I am a humble servant to God, but that does not mean I am meek or inferior to anyone and when someone important does the impossible by making intangibility concrete, it becomes significant which should not be ignored. Hopefully, none of this will have been in vain because there is a very important lesson for humanity to learn from this international scandal.

The Lion Sleeps No More.
Alejandro Carbajal Estrada (The Antichrist)
847 Hammond Street, West Hollywood California 90069

Alejandro, Lady Gaga and a Billion Dollar FarceThe Abomination of American Justice - Alejandro, Lady Gaga and a Billion Dollar Farce
-Alejandro Carbajal Estrada (“The Antichrist”)

--- End ---

The cartoon Network has also contributed to my defemation of character:

I have been contacting law firms all over the world but none are willing to represent my case against the United States of America, Lady Gaga, Interscope Records, The Cartoon Network, Katz Media Group, and The Vatican.