MUST SEE: Global Warming-What The Gov Isn't Telling You


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This Video was made in early 2008.

March 30, 2010 — Retired 'Green Beret' John R Moore explains what is really behind the effects of climate change and why the elite is covertly preparing for violently rising ocean levels. He exposes the cover-up of an extinction level threat due to the approaching star (The Destroyer) and its planets. This is vital information for you and your family. His website is: You can listen to 'The John Moore Show' on 'The Micro Effect' Monday through Friday 7-8 AM Central and on Fridays 4-5 PM Central with Dr. Bill Deagle on the 'Nutri-Medical Report' (also see their archives for older shows) Listen also to 'The John Moore Show' on Republic Broadcasting Network on Sundays 4-5 PM Central to catch the newest
information in this developing crisis.

Video 1 hr. 14 mins. 5 secs:

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