Canada under siege!!


This is an Immense Atrocity and Human Rights Violation!


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Published on Feb 4, 2013
Canada Under Siege

Hidden in Conservative Govt Bill C-45 is a law that allows Corporations a free hand to destroy Canadian rivers and lakes which are the source of life, and our drinking water. AND when you add agreements free trade agreements like FIPPA which allows Chinese companies a free hand and not be held accountable, we have a very serious breach of Canadian sovereignty!

Canada Under Seige -- Why the Tar Sands in Alberta, FIPPA, Bill C-45, and the Sale of NEXEN should have Canadians on the streets in revolution

Crime Timeline:

2012 -- July 23 -- CNOOC announces the buyout of NEXEN
2012 -- Sept 20 - NEXEN Share Holders Approve Sale to CNOOC
2012 -- Oct 07 -- FIPPA agreement with China Signed by Harper
2012 -- Dec 07 -- Harper Government gives full approval of sale of NEXEN to CNOOC
2012 -- Dec 14 - Senate Passes Harper Government Bill C-45 that will allow Corp destruction of the environment.

The Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act (FIPPA), went into effect in October of 2012 and is Canada's biggest foreign trade treaty since NAFTA.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper Sold a piece of Canada to the Highest Bidder and changed Canadian Law to ensure that the Chinese State Owned Company could not be challenged by anyone through Bill C-45. This bill Destroys Canadian Sovereignty and the protection over its lakes and rivers.


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Not to sound like a broken record, however, this is one more example of Masonic driven destruction motivated by obscene profits. The underlying corruption is incredible. I can assure you these men are Freemason, they are all in bed together and all they care about is turning their billions turn into trillions, and unfortunately, they will do whatever they want, regardless of what anyone else thinks. The agenda of the Fraternal Freemason Alliance [FFA] is to destroy everything, and they will.