My trip to Mars: The Martians assistance

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Exerts from a short story "My trip to Mars"


"The message that I must give to the people of the planet Earth came from people who are 20,000 years ahead of us in all kinds of thinking, consciousness, spiritual development, and scientific development. Here I will repeat that they have gone through the step that we are about to go through, and that is our next evolutionary step. This is part of the Cosmic Plan, it is in the plan for the planet Earth. Our Sister planets all about us are very much further progressed, according to Cosmic Plan, than the planet Earth. The Earth has been very backward, in fact, at least once in the history of this planet, I said at least once, the people destroyed themselves. God didn't destroy them, that wasn't according ,to the Cosmic Plan, but they destroyed themselves. Destruction again is not going to be permitted, the time has passed.

The Martians know that we have been passing through a great crisis. They knew there were so many things that we must know, and that we needed assistance, and they were going to do their part, although they weren't the only ones. They had a particular part to play and they had certain things they were going to do in our atmosphere. They told me very definitely what they were going to do. They said, "We are sending an expedition to reconnoiter the planet Earth. We are going to release positive energy particles into the Earth's atmosphere. We are going to do that to counteract the negative energy particles that man himself has released."

Man has released three different kinds of negative energy particles. He has released physical particles of energy. We are all familiar with what that is those things that go "whoosht," and there's a mushroom. Then he has released mental energy particles through his wrong thinking, through his greed and selfishness, his hate. Then spiritually he did the same thing, because, in many cases man has been regressive, he's been going backwards, he has been becoming more animalistic. But our Sister planet Mars, and other Sister planets, because they have passed the point that we will reach, decided to do something about it to help us.

Now there was another reason they told me that they were coming to this planet. They have been here before, they have been observing us, particularly during the past two thousand years. The past two thousand years is an important time for the planet Earth, the time when the classes will be over, the graduation day for each being is getting close. Some will graduate and some will not graduate. Some will have to go through the whole thing again.

The Martians said they were going to investigate the motives of the leaders and the teachers of the planet Earth. Whenever you think a Martian doesn't know if he is watching you or observing you, which he has a means of doing without your seeing him he knows your motive. If you are doing something for the good of your fellow man, naturally the Martian will smile, they are great people for smiling, they are one of the kindliest people I have ever been permitted to see.

Now if you will read, many have been reading, and if you will continue to read, you will begin to assimilate the news that is passed out to you, even though you get only a tiny bit of what you should get, you are going to read between the lines, and you are going to see great changes made. You have been seeing changes among your leaders and teachers.

Some people will say, "Well, that's good, but what are they going to do about it?" Assume that the majority of the leaders and teachers have motives that are not right, are evil, what are the Martians going to do about it. All people who have reached a point where they might call themselves human beings have reached the point of free will. They can choose what they want to do. But these Martians are very intelligent people, they know so much, and they know just how to go about these things. You might have questions about" this, questions I had, and I asked the question, "How are you going to and what are you going to do with the people themselves, how ,are you going to change the people?" They are not going to do anything to the ones who are evil. There are plenty people who do have the right motives, and you will find them in all walks of life. You will find them in every conceivable kind of a society or community. Those people can work constructively. The Martians will give those people every aid and every assistance to do whatever they should do to bring about this great love of your fellow creature here on Earth, this is the thing that must take place first before these other things take place..."