New children's book inspired by Emoto


New children's book inspired by Emoto: You are beautiful. Discover it for yourself!
Friday, February 13, 2009

You are beautiful. Discover it for yourself! - Written by Esther van Benthem of - is a rather unusual childhood book. They make children playfully about the power and impact of words. Her inspiration for this book came from the Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto - known for the famous book: The Message of water.
Schelden does it hurt!

In 2006, zijvoor an interview with this man, who with the help of water crystals scientific knew to show that water reacts to positive and negative thoughts. As the man for about 70% water, this is a revolutionary insight. Van Benthem: "Through a simple experiment, that the children themselves, is that the visual expression 'does not condone pain' is not true."
'Water & standards'

The experiment shows children the power of words, see and experience. Therefore this book is ideally suited to address bullying behavior. In addition they explore the effects of loving attention. From this understanding they learn to take responsibility for their behavior and behavior can occur in dealing with others based on water and standards.
About Esther van Benthem

Esther van Benthem (1963) is a midwife and mother of two daughters. The idea of this book was born after the interview they had with Masaru Emoto on This is part of Newtide Foundation which Esther initiator and driving force. As a practical man brought it curious to the applicability of knowledge from science and ancient wisdom traditions. Her enthusiasm and passion are focused on assembling information that raises questions and a thought to the other can detach.

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