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You are so sweet. Don't let them push you around and always question everything. Lady of Light is the only one you can truly trust. I would have given myself a cheap endorsement, however I am not that infallible. :) Now watch what happens ...
I notice that you k-moore are from Tampa? Beautiful there! Can you tell us how you found this forum and what it is that some of us talk about here that interests you the most? We all have such interesting reasons for finding ourselves here.

And welcome Psalm.... Australia! A different viewpoint from your home and good to share that with us too! The same question for you..How was it that you found Lady of Lights Forum here and what is it in all of the conversations that interests you the most?

...welcome both and please post the questions that you have or the comments that you want to make....Its important for all of us to have new outlooks and different ways of looking at things... Linda