News report: UFOs are birds

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take a look at this footage, they determine they are birds, BBQ i guess!

One of the comments:
"I don't think birds would fly directly through smoke like that, let alone the heat from a blaze that intense, we would have seen it spiraling down onto the mountain, cooked"
I'm sure that the heat from the fire stays down on the ground too, correct? I mean, that's science....right? LOL And uh...yeah, birds fireproof their feathers with...with guano! Because evolution is kinda weak in bird world so ... well, they ummm....they just don't know that they'll be roasted en route through that fire because they can't feel heat...because you know...birds. And UFOs aren't real. And the show *is* called Open Minds, so they *must* have them, so it's birds.

Thank you for your attention and ...birds. Clearly.
Birds can navigate through dense smoke because they use their radar. Oh wait, bats are the ones that use radar. Ok. Those are bats. Right?

Also, piranhas can breathe smoke quite well. They develop a beautiful song too when they've been smoking long enough, and can put out fires just by doing the Macarena over the Eiffel Tower at noon on Sundays. Of course, dung beetles will shoot them out of the sky as they soar over carrying coconuts on strings. Oh wait. Maybe that was swallows. Umm. They're birds.
Oh my god, that brought tears to my eyes. LMAO!!! That's too funny!!!

How can anyone believe this load? Birds, sure.