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Hey. Im Interested in discussing fractional reserve banking, accepted 4 value, canadian freeman ways and more.
We are growing tired of the economic slavery we are forced into and conditioned to accept. Awareness is key!

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Welcome aboard!

I agree, we need to stop the slavery that has been binding us, and awareness is definitely the first step! Only by being aware, we can do something to combat it.

Thanks for being here!

Lady of Light :)

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These are all great topics thanks for joining the forum and I look forward to getting into conversations with you concerning all of them.


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Hi Samick, I am an ex-banker from US and Europe. Got here because I realized that 911 was an inside job. For this to be possible the media had to be in on it. I have found three cases of multi-trillion US$ scams so far. I am new myself, so I hope to see you in the Forum.