Operation Munchkin: A giant Nazi rabbit breeding program revealed to make fur clothes for pilots and soldiers

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Now why would they need to do a thing like this? Killer rabbits? The angora rabbits are a good source of warm clothing material...


New details have emerged of a bizarre World War II program designed to provide fur for soldiers.

Details of a Nazi project to breed huge Angora rabbits in concentration camps to make fur clothes for Hitler's forces have been revealed.

Operation Munchkin - the idea of SS chief Heinrich Himmler - aimed to provide coats for Luftwaffe pilots and underwear for soldiers.

While the camps' inmates were starved and tortured to death, the rabbits got heated hutches and plentiful fresh vegetables.

Himmler's secret "Angora book" - found hidden in his home - about the project was kept in German archives but has now re-emerged.

He wrote: "Throughout Europe it is my intention to establish breeding stations in concentration camps."

The rabbits were bred in more than 30 concentration camps, including Auschwitz and Dachau. The breeding program began in 1941.

Himmler allegedly got the idea of using rabbit fur as a way to produce warm clothing for military personnel after reading about a small-scale experiment that took place during World War I.

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