Pakistan’s ISI tops World’s Spy Agencies


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Pakistan’s powerful Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) has received mix comments from Pakistan’s friends and enemies. ISI, like Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp (IRGC) has been declared as a ‘torrorist organization’ by Hillary Clinton’s State Department. On April 25, 2011, British daily Guardian reported that in a 2007 secret files it obtained, Washington had declared ISI, Hizbullah and Hamas being a threat to the United States. We all know who could be the author of such anti-Muslim directive.

In April 2012, pro-Israel Jewish lobby, Anti-Defamation League blamed IRGC for all the Israeli Mossad’s false flag operations against Jewish and Israeli assets in Asia and South America.

On February 11, 2013, Nikhil Kumar, wrote on Zionist website, Combat Gears, while calling both ISI and Pakistan “terrorists”, acknowledged that ISI is the best intelligence agency in the world.

“ISI which operates for terrorist republic of Pakistan, is arguably the best intelligence agency in the world. It has successfuly co-ordinated many terrorist attacks on America, India, Israel and other non-terrorist countries,” wrote Kumar.

Just note how Kumar calls Israel a “non-terrorist” country even though it was established by several Jewish terrorist groups which were turned into ‘Israel Defence Force (IDF), by prime minister David Ben Gurion in 1949.

In 2011, several internet websites published ranking of World’s Top Ten Intelligence Agencies, based on their performance. They all rated Pakistan’s ISI at the top, followed by America’s CIA, Britain’s MI6, Russia’s FSB, France’s DGSE, Germany’s BND, Israel’s Mossad, India’s RAW, Australia’s ASIS and our Canadian CSIS.

On August 19, 2013, Indian journalist and political editor at The Times of India, Vinod Sharma, in a commentary at ‘Centre Right India’ lauded ISI as country’s formidable force.

One has got to admire Pakistan. Is there any other example in history where a small nation has simultaneously taken on two much bigger countries, one a super power (US) and the other deluding itself (India) into believing that it is going to become one along its present trajectory, for such a painful ride, for so long, with barely concealed disdain and deceit?

Pakistan’s audacity backed by sheer brilliance in execution is the stuff history is made of. That it has been able to pull off a seemingly impossible double is as much a tribute to its leaders, both military and civil, as to the one instrument without peer that they have created: the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI). This covert arm of the military has been developed and honed, with some help from the CIA in 1980s, to become a huge force multiplier that has almost re-written the rules of war. It is this institution alone that has given Pakistan the luxury of playing the Jekyll and Hyde game on battlefields of its choosing in a manner that it wants, without exposing its troops to danger and its culpability to the enemy.

Pakistan sees ISI as its first line of defence. What is often overlooked is that for its leaders, Pakistan includes Afghanistan and Kashmir too. So for the Pakistani establishment—both military and civil— the ISI is not engaged in any hostile or offensive actions there, like the Americans and the Indians believe. It is only legitimately defending Pakistan against their aggression and is fulfilling its patriotic duty to defeat and throw them out. Add to its armoury the powerful tool of jihad and you have brilliant and motivated minds employing perfectly brainwashed foot soldiers itching to fight to death or blow themselves up for a cause they are made to see as religious and holy, and not merely political.

When the US invaded Afghanistan after 9/11, it probably thought it was going for a stroll in a park bombed flat by it. Actually it would have. But it failed to factor in Pakistan’s tenacity and duplicity, or may be it chose to look the other way because expanding the war was not an option. Either way, the Pakistanis assessed the situation far more accurately than the Americans thought they were capable of.Thanks primarily to the manner in which their battle-proven weapon, the ISI, sheltered, trained, equipped, deployed and controlled the Talibanis, the Americans have been defeated on the ground. That is why they are now open to once unimaginable compromises, so they can get out of the quagmire with minimum loss of face. Read the rest of article here.

However, having an Hidutva mindset, Sharmaji could not avoid spilling Hindu hatred toward Pakistan and Muslims. Pakistan never put claim over Afghanistan. The Durrand Line had been the border between the British occupied India and the state of Afghanistan. The Pashtuns living in Pakistan and Afghanistan (up to Jalalabad) have common culture and common Pashtun language. On the other hand, the great majority of Afghan population is non-Pashtun and it has culture and language common with neighboring Iran.

The 26/11 terrorist attack in Mumbai and terrorist attacks in other part of India were carried out by the Hindutva terrorists with full co-operation from India’s RAW and Israeli Mossad.

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