Pine Pollen Tincture for Longevity in Men and Women


During my apparently non-stop research to learn to makes use of pine trees I discovered this yesterday. Wonderful! You might want listen to the radio show at the bottom for more information.

Pine Pollen Tincture for Longevity in Men and Women
Pine Pollen with Medicine Man and Earth Poet Stephen Buhner | One Radio Network

Stephen Buhner:
Author, teacher, and speaker on sacred plant medicine, herbal medicine and lyme disease treatment

Author of Pine Pollen: Ancient Medicine for a Modern World

You’ve all heard Patrick and Daniel Vitalis sing the praises of pine pollen, so we went to an authority to give us the tasty facts on our favorite super-food. Not only is it excellent for raising testosterone levels and increasing sexual vitality, it increases muscle strength, enhances the bodies natural immunity, helps neuro-function in the brain and builds vitality.

Here are some facts on Pine Pollen"

  1. Pine Pollen is known for boosting testosterone. For women it will change the estrogen/testosterone ratio, so be careful. An increase in testosterone ratio can help you burn fats more efficiently. (This is not good for body builders or guys in their twenties. It will cause the same negative effects as taking too much testosterone, stopping their bodies ability to produce testosterone.)
  2. It contains many vitamins and proteins.
  3. Originally used by indigenous peoples for health and longevity. It’s been documented and used in China, Korea and Tibet for many years in their medicinal care.
  4. Cracked pollen has been used only in the last 30 years so it has a long track record of effectiveness in the non cracked form.Traditionally they didn't use cracked wall pollen so don't get sucked into thinking that you need this type of product.
  5. It’s easy to collect and to make yourself.
  6. Collect the pollen “cat tails” from pine trees in the spring.
  7. Fill a quart mason jar and cover with alcohol and let sit for several weeks.
  8. Strain and take 30 to 60 drops a day.
  9. Cracking the pine pollen is not necessary for it to be effective when making a tincture.
  10. Pure grain alcohol, Everclear is the best choice or 70% alcohol of another product. Dilute everclear with water to about 70% alcohol.
  11. You can also collect the ‘cat tails’ and shake them in a bowl to collect the pollen to put into capsules.
  12. Good for making the skin elastic and strong.
  13. You get 20% more assimilation if it is cracked but with the tincture it doesn’t matter.
  14. Pollen taken in capsules form is most effective on an empty stomach in the morning or before bed.
  15. 15 drops morning or before bed, adjust dosage as needed.
  16. Wait till you are older and starting seeing signs of age related loss of body mass, generally around the age of 35 or 40.
  17. Cortisol raised levels can cause insomnia – Chinese skullcap baikal for insomnia- it has melatonin and ashwaganda and shuts down cytokines, take before bed.
  18. For prostate enlargement it takes a long time to reverse. Take palmento, nettle root, rye grass pollen 1000 to 2000mg a day. It may take 3 months to a year to be effective.

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This video shows how to break the cell wall of the Pine Pollen. It might be a needed if you're going to eat the pollen in non tincture form: