Poisons in the Food?

Lady of Light

If there are no “poisons” in the food and drinks that we consume, than why am I so sick? I spent the majority of the day yesterday either throwing up or sleeping because I felt so horrible from the things that I consumed the day before.
Normally, I avoid anything that is not made in my own home because I cannot trust that there are no toxins that will harm me in the food that is pre-processed. I read the labels on everything that I have no choice but to buy, and I buy all my meats from a butcher shop that gets their supplies locally.
Now, mind you, I do have issues still with meat, because of all the by-products that they are fed, and the hormones that they are injected with. And not every butcher shop has the same quality of meats. The one I go to, the beef specifically, has no hormones and no antibiotics. I still have minute side effects, but not like I used to.
I have cleansed my body using mostly an apple cider vinegar/baking soda/water mixture that I drink throughout the day. It really doesn’t taste as bad as you would think. 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar, ¼ tsp. baking soda, and 1-2 liters of water.
Anyhow, I went to my family’s Christmas party on Sunday, and I thought, “ok, it’s not going to be too bad if I eat what’s there”. Boy was I wrong! Normally, before I went through this cleansing, I wouldn’t have reacted to any of the food that I consumed. But, all I had was, turkey, stuffing, potatoes, ham, and some punch, and that was the end of me. (No there was no alcohol in the punch!) There was however lots of gingerale in the punch. Well, I have come to know that there is potentially (I say potentially, because they won’t tell you that there IS) fluoride in the water that is used to make the pop. YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO SWALLOW FLUORIDE, IT MAKES YOU SICK! Not to mention, the turkey was a Butterball. No telling what’s in that bird. And who knows where the ham came from and what the pig was injected with.
Thursday, we’re off to my ‘in-laws’ for Christmas dinner. Obviously, I NEED to watch that I don’t have much of anything that could potentially make me sick again.
Even two days later, I’m still feeling very weak and tired.
If there is nothing in the food and drink, again I ask, why am I so sick?

I’m sure there’s more, but I’ll leave it at this for now.


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I have bad reactions to anything with sugar in it. I had gone on a mono diet for years (advice from my naturopath) and that seemed to help. Then I had my amalgum fillings taken out of my teeth. I paid a lot of money to have mercury tests done and yes, there high levels of mercury. i had to go on a rigrous regimin of diet, vitamins, exercise and sauna to sweat it out.

Beyond the toxins in the food and water, its in the air, and I have wondered about the general health of the atmosphere due to HAARP and such. I am very sensitive too and fast often.


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I hope you are feeling better soon!!! My naturopathy used to tell me to take 3000 mg of vitamin c to help reactions. Blessings Lady of Light... you are a true lady of Light! Happy Holidays!