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It provides:
Information on current global events
How to find communities
Building communities
Networking between individuals and groups all over the world.
plus lots of info on the previous Project Camelot work.

Currently it is free to post on the forum, but there are plans to limit the ability to post with a subscription fee. This will limit the forums ability to be productive. Good luck find anything, this forum has too much information to read in a life time. You need to weed though to find the hidden gems.


Truth feeder
Project Avalon Forum to be FREE again!

Apologies to the admins if they wanted to get this out themselves, but since I visited Project Camelot first then came here, there is no mention of this yet. So on the Camelot homepage, this posting was added.
5 December 2009

• Avalon Forum to revert to FREE:

We are having our Avalon Web Admin convert the Avalon Forum to a free forum. The following message will be posted on the forum shortly:

Hi to all,

First of all, we want to sincerely thank all those who have purchased subscriptions to our Avalon Forum. After one year of operation as a subscription forum, we have decided that the contributions to our work generated out of this subscription format are not substantial enough to warrant continuing with the subscription-based model. Therefore, whereas, the money from subscriptions has helped to make our work possible and for that we thank everyone very much, we have found that donations (and other means tbd) are a better way to raise money in order to continue our work. Therefore, henceforth, this AVALON FORUM is now FREE for all those who wish to participate.

Note: We are in the process of expanding Project Camelot and hope to create more revenue streams going forward. Any assistance or advice in this area would be welcome. Feel free to send email with suggestions.

Thank you all for your patience and dedication to our work and this mission.

Love and light,

Kerry and Bill
So spread the word to those who left over the past year over the subscription issue and ask them to come back.
Bill "the Doctor"