Proof the government is preparing for a catastrophe (make of it what you will)


Truth feeder
This is a conversation with a guy that installs bunkers nationwide. He confirms a lot of the doubts we had......I hope people are preparing because, preparation for something to come that doesn't is still better than sitting back and not heeding the warning. One love!

***My message is to show the fact that they are indeed preparing for something and not telling us what they are preparing for. I'm not here trying to prove to anyone who doubts the validity or seriousness of this video because the writing has been on the wall for a long time. If this video helps resolve doubts that many have about the future, then I am doing what I believe I am suppose to be doing, to help my fellow brother or sister in what may be the greatest challenges we've ever faced as human beings. I don't want to sound harsh but the information I am and will be posting is a "TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT" type of delivery. If this video made things clear to you or someone you know, please post anywhere. Let's make this viral because if we are to prepare like many have done, then maybe this can help make things a little more clear for those that aren't sure what to think.