Robin Family in My Children's Playhouse Backyard

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Well... as it would have it, I stumbled upon a robin's nest today purely by accident. Of course, NOTHING is EVER accidental. :) Anyhow, I was out taking pictures today before I cut the grass. I started with my apple blossoms and then noticed chemtrails. Naturally, I take pictures of those when I'm outside with the camera. I ventured up into the kid's playhouse to get a better view above the neighboring houses and lo-and-behold, inside one of the window openings lies a nest complete with newly hatched babies. Man are birds ugly without feathers, lol. I scared away (not on purpose) the father who was watching the hatchlings. He then sat on a wire and squawked at me the entire time I was up there, naturally. So, after I was done with the chemtrails, I took pictures of the babies and then the father.

I always say (and I truly believe) EVERYTHING happens for a reason and happens as it should. That being said, I have been wanting to get a nice close-up shot of a robin, facing the camera, since last summer. Well, today I got my chance alright. I was even then able to get a picture of the mother when she returned to the nest shortly after.

Here are my pictures to go along with my story.

Above: Mother Robin
Below: Father Robin

Above and Below: 3 Baby Robins in Nest


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I came upon a baby rabbit on my Mothers front porch on Sunday. His eyes were barely opened. Momma Rabbit was about 20 feet away. Kim had noticed a ball of fur under the nearby pine tree which I concluded was the nest. I scooped up the little one and put him back to find that there were three siblings with their eyes only starting to open as well. He/she immediately nestled down with the others.

I still marvel in finding these little treasures that brighten my day.

Thanks for sharing.