Ron Paul approval rating 84% in his district, so much for him not representing his pe


Truth feeder
Daily Paul Liberty Forum
March 2, 2010

A Moore Information survey conducted for Paul’s campaign showed Paul picking up 74 percent of the vote in a primary contest. Seventy-nine percent said they had a favorable impression of Paul, with 84 percent approving of his job performance.

“I personally think he’ll win that primary with 60-plus percent of the vote, even with three opponents, so I find it kind of interesting,” said Mary Anne Wyatt, chairwoman of the Victoria County Republican Party. “There’s no question that Rep. Paul is very popular in his district and has been for some time. It hasn’t been an enigma—it’s been a fact.”

“I don’t think he views any of us as a threat,” conceded Graney, who says he has spent $80,000 on his campaign.

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