SaLuSa ~ Final Pathway to Ascension and Beyond ~ September 14, 2011


We would remind you how powerful you are as individuals, and how you have more influence on the conditions that are around you than you might think. That is why we often remind you of the need to be focused upon all that is positive.

In a time when there are many dire predictions going around, you can offset them by concentrating on the many beneficial changes that are about to manifest. Many of you are beginning to realize that where you place your energy is exactly where it will work to bring about your desires. The problem lies with those who focus on the negative not realizing that they are empowering it.

It may sound odd to some people, but that is how the Law of Attraction works. It knows not what the outcome will be, but powers whatever it is that you have in mind.

When you accept and understand your true potential, you will know that you have unlimited powers, and some of you use them without realizing it. An example would be self-healing, although some do not understand that when focusing upon your illness you need to tell yourself that you are healed, as an affirmation that you are ill and telling your body so perpetuates the condition, and this is where the Law of Attraction comes in again. In time you will become quite proficient at visualization, and be able to "see" yourself in perfect health and bring about instant healing.

When you consider the larger picture and your coming Ascension, then clearly your focus should be firmly placed in that area. Bypass the negative thoughts being expressed by those who are concerned about their future, and have little or no knowledge of what is occurring at this most important time.

You can in fact help offset the negative thoughts being put around, and where possible help those who are worried by expressing your confidence in the future. We know how to gently bring the realization of the beneficial changes to people. Life is ever ongoing and the present is but a passing phase in the greater plan for your evolution.

Events are near to occurring that will immediately attract people's attention away from the present conditions. They will inject great hope and anticipation of the better times that are soon to be brought about.

Lightworkers are very important in this respect as they can help others to understand the goal that lies ahead, bringing answers to the problems that have overwhelmed them. It is therefore important that you spread your knowledge far and wide, as it will uplift those who hitherto had little or no knowledge about it. The feelings of hopelessness need to be replaced by those of hope and certainty in the future.

You are in exceptional times that have shown the worst of the dark Ones, and the best of the Light energies that are ever increasing and bringing calmness to you. They will be growing more powerful by the day, and 11.11.11 will bring about a great leap forward that many will actually experience.

It will be the commencement of a new period that will bring more changes in your levels of consciousness. It will continue and put you well on the path to Galactic Consciousness. After all, you are great Beings of Light that are re-claiming your rightful place in the Cosmos. Our task is to see that you do so, and we are about to open up the final pathway to Ascension and beyond.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and assure you that we are always with you, and many of you will no doubt have noted that we have of late shown our craft in large numbers where they can be seen by hundreds of people. Sometimes it is done just your viewing, but on other occasions when we carry out our responsibilities to keep your atmosphere clean, and monitor activities on Earth.

We are particularly interested in the physical changes and can calculate the outcome quite accurately. That means we can take actions that hold back the most likely repercussions, yet at the same time allow Mother Earth the scope to make the needed changes. These are certainly interesting times to be on Earth, and as your expression goes, the best is yet to come.

Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.

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