SaLuSa ~ Remember that You Are Light Beings ~ Laura Tyco ~ October 1, 2011



: Good evening SaLuSa. Would you please give us an update today.
: Good evening. We are here, with you in everything you do. We are by your side when you feel troubled, lonely, pain, or even angry. With the changing in seasons, you feel more tired and tense. Your bodies are preparing for a slower rhythm; you will gradually feel heavier and heavier.

The energies directed at your planet are more difficult to deal with, in the way that they are not as forgiving and compassionate. This is also reflected in your outer world. As you can see, there is much change on the economic and political scene. You, our brothers, are less forgiving for your governments mistakes and incompetence. You are beginning to see cracks through the system’s wall and will fully take advantage of it.
These are truly amazing times for your history. It will be remembered as Earth’s corner stone. As we are approaching the pivotal date of 11-11-11, energies will be even more heightened. Those of you who are sensitive will find it difficult to deal with the intense energies.

These energies will continue their cleansing work for you and Mother Earth, however this will take the form of bringing up many unresolved issues into your life for the remainder period in duality. You will find yourself changing your mind on people, situations and world events many times during the weeks to come. Your feelings will be unsettled, insecure, and jumpy.
October, will indeed bring more of these energies, cleansing dark path and karma in your life. However, for this to take place, these will need to surface from your subconscious, be seen and exposed. For this to happen, you will be confronted with many challenges, dear ones. Duality is not for the fainted heart.

You knew this when you agreed to incarnating on Mother Earth. We ask you to take extra rest this month, to take your time before making decisions, and to renew the anchoring of light in your bodies. Indeed when you are connected inside, you are one with your outer world also. You are open to spirit and to love.
When you feel unsettled, fearful, and angry, tired, frustrated or in emotional distress, remember to come back to yourself. Remember that you are light beings, who volunteered for the greatest challenge in the universe.

The Beings from higher planes of existence are watching over you and admire you. Remember that you are never alone, and that you are all loved, no matter how you feel about yourself. Many of you have a rather low self esteem, as if they had failed their part of the mission.

We understand this, and ask you to stop playing being a victim. You are light Beings, who have forgotten who you are. Remember who you are, remember yourself.

You are light and love, and nothing can ever destroy you, nobody can ever judge you, nobody can take away the love from your heart against your own will.
We encourage you to continue your efforts for living in the here and now. When you live in the here and now, impatience and fear do not exist. If you are struggling with the coming energies, we encourage you in pursuing your own spiritual development path and research.

Working in a group of light peoples will give you back what you feel so far away from. You have each other and you can create a better world for yourself, you can make things right for you and Mother Earth. This will be done before Ascension, so you can see that the coming year has yet much in store for you.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and wish to remind you to believe in your own power of creation, you alone have the right to make the changes you wish to see on your planet. You are the powerful beings and your weapon is your love and joy.

Don’t forget to ask for help to higher Beings at this time, as we are here for your benefit. Be a witness to the changes inside of you, weather they are pleasant or not.

Do not judge yourself, just be present in your life and be with what is. Our love for you is endless and will always be so. Be Joy and have peace of heart.

Peace on Earth

Thank you
Laura Tyco

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