SaLuSa ... short,sharp and sweet...


Hello to all Dear Ones, I address each and every one of you.

The divine will of the creator will burst forth on your planet.

The permission has been given to your brothers and sisters from the stars to show themselves on your planet at last.

Very soon, free energy will be given to you all, and you shall have complete abundance.

Yes, complete abundance for all. Your cell phones, laptops, games consoles, and all other technology will be replaced with free energy alternatives.

Batteries will be a thing of the past.

The Eco systems on your planet shall be restored to their pristine state once more. Now on to the 5th dimension.

For those who are ready, there will be ‘ports’ which you can use to get to the 5th dimension and different levels thereof.

It is very important dear ones, that you hold all your beliefs close to your hearts. We have been awaiting the permission of the people to come, and now it is time to come in full measure.

Changes have been subtle but sure. We will make ourselves known to every single one of you, dear ones.

Now it is time to step into the new age together with your brothers and sisters from the stars.

With Blessings To You All, for you are all Divine Creators.