Laura: Good evening SaLuSa.

One of our readers was wondering if you could tell us more about twin flames and soul mates.

SaLuSa: Good evening. It is possible that soul mates have shared a great number of lives as a couple. Roles are often reversed or the same through the various lives they shared. The nature of the relationship can be rather different, varying from friends, to parent and child bond, and of course to loving couple.

It is also possible for the gender to be reversed in a soul mate union for a short learning phase in your experiences. Often in these relationships, there is a great deal of karma to be dealt with, and it is sad to see that sometimes there is a level after which no progress can be made on your own. The relationship pattern tends to repeat itself invariably through incarnations.

At a subconscious level, both individuals know of their closeness and of past lives difficulties and traumas together. While they are also aware of a great love they had shared at some point in the distant past.

There can be a great deal of pain and fear to be dealt with. Very often, again, the best thing to do is to ask for help from Light Beings, such as Guardian Angels and your Guides. They always offer their help, as you are their special project, and they will do all in their power to help you.

This can be very difficult to deal with when a loving and fulfilling relationship ended in the past. There can be lot of trauma to deal with. In some cases, there is guilt and fear of the unknown.

As the bond through many lives consolidates the bond between soul mates, it is often preferred for them to move on in new lives, once karma has been cleared. That can also be a real challenge for one or both people.

It is very often near impossible for them to let go of the past and of the attraction they feel for each other. More karma can then be generated if one of the soul mates wishes to reunite with a soul mate, when one or both are already in a relationship with someone else and perhaps also with children.

This can also lead to impossible situations to deal with on an ordinary level. Therefore help from above is needed and also a deeper questioning of all that you knew was real. The level of guilt rises up again. Soul mates often gravitate in the same soul group, and are reincarnated with a group of people at the same time.

It is nevertheless part of your journey of growth and evolve to experience various types of relationships, with various types of people and to find yourselves in various roles. It is also part of learning about unconditional love.

Very often both soul mates are at different levels of consciousnesses in the new life and this is the major difficulty. One feels often stuck and limited.

This state of things may be extremely difficult to deal with at a soul level; however it will encourage both soul mates to further their search for better understanding and for unconditional love. It will push you to further develop your self and move towards higher vibrations by doing so. We can all have a certain number of soul mates throughout our incarnations, but we can only have one twin flame.

The twin flames ordinarily do not incarnate at the same time. One stays in the higher dimensions in order to assist the incarnated twin. The link between twin flames is the strongest one can have.

While it is not always possible for you to hear your Guides, it can be a great deal easier to hear your twin flame, especially when you are asleep. The incarnated twin acts mostly as an extension of the twin in the higher realms. However, they are really part of the one same being, only split in different dimensions.

The incarnated twin can become the extended arm of the one higher above when pure Light surrounds a twin flame relationship. The incarnated twin becomes pure expression of the Divine on Earth for moments and allows the twin from above to experience this world also by inhabiting the earthly body of his or her twin incarnated on your planet.

This also allows us of a better understanding of your world and sharing our Love, Consciousness and Compassion with our incarnated twin on Earth. The level of vibrations of the incarnated twin also grows this way progressively, which in turn contributes to global increase of Love and Compassion vibrations.

The twin flames’s higher self are often intertwined and interconnected. When you sleep, Dear Friend you are in your twin’s arms, surrounded by eternal Love. Although for your Ascension it is not necessary for all of you to reunite with your twin, there will come a point in your journey of return towards Source, when you will need to become one again.

You will need each other’s support, love, knowledge, experience in order to rejoin the Divine. This point is the dimensions where you are your twin were split initially. In order to go further full Oneness with your twin is a prerequisite.

This is done in order to re-enter the dimensions where you have originally split up. Reunion can happen in lower vibrations also however, if and only if both twins have reached the required level of vibrations. Both souls would have to have obtained a certain level of maturity in order to be One with their twin again.

There can be no happier moment for Light Beings other than these reunions and witnessing them. These are relatively rare occurrences and a source of great joy for Divine Beings from all Universes.

If both twins incarnate together, it will be a great challenge for them to develop happily and harmoniously on Earth. However, many have taken on this challenge now, in order to raise the planet’s consciousness.

Many twin flames volunteered to incarnate together at this time. In the case of both twins existing on your planet now, the level of vibrations will rise very rapidly as several twin flames reunite all over the globe. When this all unfolds Dear Ones, you will be well on your way in the Ascension process Dear Friends.

Laura: Thank you SaLuSa. I believe you wished to give us a ground crew update also today.

SaLuSa: Indeed. Dear Friends, we have noticed an ever increase in the level of your vibrations and awareness. We are very pleased to see your progress. Many of you are now partially and temporarily breaking through the veil of the illusion. As some of you like to say, you are breaking through the Matrix.

Your Light and colors vary as you are awakening. You are coming to a far greater and compassionate understanding of the Universe’s make up, as you are coming closer to understanding your multi-dimensional nature.

Your third eye is opening up progressively. You brain waves are fluctuating between dimensions, your blood flow polarity changes throughout the day; your Light pierce through the illusion and shines with the most distinctive glow.

You are beginning to seriously question all pre-received ideas and concepts. As this process goes on, you will experience the need for fewer hours of sleep and less food intake. You will be able to process the incoming energies directly in their purest form. You may need time alone more and more often in order to allow for your inner space to grow. You will become more aware of the communications you receive from Light Beings all around you.

Some of you will find this emotionally challenging, as most of the information received will have to do with karma repair. You will experience healing pains and will be unable to bear people around you as so many things unravel in your heart and mind. This is a very delicate time, Dear Ones, when your loved ones will feel like walking on egg shells around you.

You will need to explain the changes you are going through to your loved ones, who may be unable to go through this process. Please be kind to them and accept if they chose a different path to yours. You will have to make an agreement with your partner, so that the time and space needed for you is provided.

Dear Ones, most of you are going through these amazing changes, bringing you connection with your Light in your daily life and actions. You are rediscovering that you do have a healthy and well working heart, as you will connect with your higher emotional center.

You will discover that you do have a fine working brain, as new synapses are developing in your brain. You nervous spinal system is working better with the higher energies and your speed will also increase, although all will seem to you as if you are getting slower.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and am please to tell you that if you are reading these messages, you are very likely in need this assistance. These messages are meant for you all Dear Ones. As we have said previously we are connected directly to all of you reading these messages on regular basis.

Some of you may have karmic issues to settle before reunions are in order. However, with the possibility of our imminent arrival, we may need to make contact with you sooner than the time allowed for your karmic resolutions. If this is the case, we wish all our interaction to be only peaceful and understanding.

Minor karmic issues will be forgiven in due course and things will balance each other out naturally between us again. The time when your help will be required draws nearer every day.

Thank you, SaLuSa
Laura Tyco