Throughout the world the shift in consciousness continues to grow, and it is galvanizing more and more people into action. There is a realization that you are able to have a say in how your lives are led. Hitherto you have given virtually all of your authority to your leaders, and it is clear that their decisions are rarely in line with your real needs.

In fact it is often the opposite, and you are ignored whilst they fulfill their own political agendas. However, you are beginning to see the way you have been misled and manipulated, and there is a growing dissatisfaction with them. Now it is becoming clear to you that you have your own divine rights that you can take back.

As a result that energy is pushing for change and it cannot be ignored for much longer. The Law of Attraction allows for your pleas to be answered, and you can be sure that additional energies will be added to yours. Along with the requirements of Mother Earth, it is causing a shift that strengthens those that are on the verge of taking place.

The Earth is alive with activity that is leading to a finale that will take you rapidly to Ascension. Whether small groups or large it makes no difference, as eventually it becomes a collective effort that carries great potential. So keep up your good work, as it is helping hasten the end of the ability of the dark Ones to carry on as before.

The Galactic Federation is continuing to work hard to ensure that our allies are well supported, so that they will soon achieve a major breakthrough. The opposition to us is enormous, as we carry the authority to introduce changes that will remodel the way business is done. It must be seen to operate with the people’s interest at heart, and be open in its dealings.

Small is going to be beautiful and more easily managed and controlled. Bear in mind that with the new technologies much of what you find necessary now, will no longer be required.

Do not worry about personal fortunes as after the changes have taken place, everyone will be cared for and wealth will have been spread more fairly. You will become self-sufficient, and bartering will come back as the money systems will eventually be no longer required.

Everything that you tend to rely on will change for the better, and it will largely come about as a result of the worldwide distribution of technologies to provide all the essentials you need. Also, as you progress so the whole quality of life will improve, and it will give you your first taste of what it will be like once you ascend.

It will be a remarkably quick change from your present day-to-day life, and it will release you from the draconian controls that you are presently placed under. Bear in mind that we will have joined you to participate in such events, and we shall help guide you along the spiritual path that was intended for you all.

Ascension is of course the main focus, and we will make sure that you are in a position to go along with it. That is our mission and sworn duty to see that you and Mother Earth safely reach your goal, and it shall come to pass.

Although your victory is assured, it is just as essential that you keep focused upon Ascension. By doing that you can help make the way forward somewhat smoother and with less chaos. You have the collective power to make such a difference, and simply need to act in unison and continue bringing the Light to Earth.

You have already been doing so, and you can take great credit for having overcome the attempts of the dark Ones to take control over you to prevent Ascension. So do not let up in your endeavors to work with the Light, as it is your weapon of love that knows no equal to the power that it carries. Each day there are almost certain to be opportunities to help your fellow travelers, even if it is only a smile or a kind word. You would be surprised to know how much it can light up anothers world.

These are also the times that as the consciousness levels rise you can speak your truth about Ascension, as many have heard of 2012 but have little understanding of what it means. They will not need chapter and verse but knowing of the promise of peace and a Golden Age, will uplift their hopes and place their focus where fear for the future can be overcome.

We are thankful that the Internet is still relatively free from controls, allowing people the opportunity of free speech. It is a minefield of choice and different opinions including deliberate misinformation, so it calls for discretion and good sense, as no sources of Light will be involved in creating fear. If something does not sound right to you, leave it alone until you can make a firm decision.

When you become aware of yourself as a Spiritual Being life on Earth can become a beautiful experience, even allowing for the negative aspects and the continual battle to survive. Each challenge successfully dealt with hones your spiritual abilities and places them on a higher level. It then becomes easier to face even sterner challenges and rise above them. Your evolution is the whole purpose of your incarnations in duality, and there is little that can compare with the value of such experiences.

Do not doubt for one moment that you volunteered for life on Earth for such reasons. Your reward is to experience the end of the final cycle of duality, and a lifting up to realms that can only be described as absolute heaven.

The fact that some souls can leave their bodies at will and visit the higher dimensions means that they can relate their findings to you. Sometimes they glimpse the levels of Light that you will rise to, and you will find that they describe perfect beauty, harmony and peace. Naturally there are closer levels to Earth such as the astral regions that are not on such a high vibration.

Even so what you call the Summerland is an indication of what to expect. The 3rd dimension is not your real home, and that is why deep down you yearn to return to the higher dimensions. You instinctively know that there is more to life than what you are experiencing now.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and I know that in the not too distant future we of the Galactic Federation will become accepted and freely mix with you. It will be the most natural development in our relationship, as we have been together many times before. Thousands of years ago we viewed the demise of your last civilization – the Atlantean’s, but this time we shall celebrate your success together.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

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