We wish to add more to our recent message regarding the fear that some people hold regarding extraterrestrials. We know that an understanding of what we the Galactic Federation represent, will lay to rest many concerns and not least of all convey our true intentions.

Wherever you come across us bear in mind that no civilizations are invited or allowed to join us, unless they have ascended. Having ascended, it is a clear indication that all members are of such a high vibration that they represent Love and Light.

Their missions are for what is in the best interests of all souls, and they are guided by the higher authorities that administer to all federations, councils and similar groups.

All abide by the Divine Plan of God and serve the Will of God, and answer to no one else. Although the dark Ones may pretend otherwise, we have never deliberately harmed another soul whether they be of the Light or darkness. There are ways and means of avoiding confrontation that could lead to unwelcome consequences.

You may wonder how that can be done, and we would inform you that we can simply remove those ones who threaten and place them elsewhere. However, our response is to retire from any danger, and that can occur instantaneously if we so wish.

We ask you therefore what is it you fear, as had we meant to conquer your people we could have achieved that at absolutely any time we wished. Far from being a threat to you, we have followed your journey and helped you out when allowed to do so.

You must know by now that we have gone to great pains to make it clear we can only do so providing it is not interfering with your karma. There are times when you have called out to us, when we have been unable to come to you as the circumstances have resulted from a karmic situation you have created.

These are occasions when you have to learn the lesson that life offers you, otherwise how will you evolve. In fact, our Federation has had some extremely important missions, and one that still continues to today, is to keep unwelcome visitors away from Earth.

The Universe is teeming with life, much of which has advanced far beyond your capabilities which is why you need our protection. Naturally such civilizations are curious about other life forms and being technologically advanced, can travel inter-dimensionally to go wherever they wish. They are not however allowed to distract you from your Ascension process.

As we have previously indicated, some exceptions are allowed as has happened in the case of the Grays who were invited by you to stay on Earth. This agreement goes back some 70 years, and has almost entirely benefited the military at the expense of the main population. Your future has already been defined, and Ascension is the next great event on Earth that is well advanced and will lift you out of duality.

It has been the Divine Plan ever since you first left the higher dimensions to experience duality and all of the challenges it held. Whatever you perceive that may pose some delay to Ascension; it can be disregarded as nothing can stop the process from continuing and ensuring your successful passage through the end times.

A lot is going on at present, mainly as required to hasten the various announcements we wish to see made. However we must be sure that everything is in place so that they have the full impact necessary to allow us to go ahead with our plans.

These are naturally also dependent on or allies who have excelled in representing us, and acquiring the conditions and opportunities we need to fulfill our part of preparing you and Mother Earth for Ascension. Matters are quite near to bringing out the support we are looking for to set the ball rolling.

Once it does, you will be in for a busy time keeping up with developments, as we are totally ready to fast forward our activities. Let your imaginations run riot once we get underway, because so much will be happening at the same time and you will find it very interesting and uplifting. It will not take you long to see that we are what we claim to be, and working wholly for your release from this cycle of Duality.

Unlike humans we do not get stressed or emotional problems as you do, and we fully understand the immense pressures that you live under in your modern age. Our demeanor is one of being calm, peaceful and balanced at all times.

Your conditions are somewhat false as the dark Ones perpetuate them in such a way as to keep you in a constant state of need. They have deliberately set-up one war after another knowing that they are so destructive and soul destroying.

Peace has never been their strong point, and the more death and destruction they cause the better they like it. It plays you into their hands and their ultimate aim for world control.

However, we are pleased to say that they have traveled thus far, and now met their equal by being confronted by the Light. It is what they have always feared, as they know that you the people are waking up to your power to overcome their plan. Indeed, with our help you are now a formidable force, that is bringing into being the transmuting energies that are disempowering the dark Ones.

You are looked upon as some of the most exceptional souls in the Universe to have taken on the challenge of duality. It was almost unthinkable that you would risk temporarily losing your connection with your Higher Self, your Godself.

Yet you had total faith in those who agreed to oversee your experiences, and promised to look after you. Can you really believe that we are talking about you, because certain forces have tried to keep you in the dark as to the truth.

The awakening grows so rapidly now, and that is also reflected in how much the collective consciousness also grows. You are doing so well that there is no concern about how things will turn out. Let it give you comfort and confidence, and as we have already suggested do not allow the dark Ones to take your eye off the finishing line.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and pleased we have come this far with you, as you are not the only ones gaining from your experiences.

We have attended Ascension taking place in other Universes, but never has one been as special as yours or as unique. We suggest you give yourselves a pat on the back for having overcome the opposition to Ascension, which is your great victory. As we see it from our level it has already been achieved – you are victorious.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

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