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By far the most moving testimony is from those in Africa without doctors, hospitials or money who heal by faith and live in a continent that is awash with crime, genocide, et activity as described by many most famous being Credo Mutwa's testimony

In the movie Finger of God we hear the story validated by many of a man brought back to life by the prayers of his church after he was brutally killed.
The young mans first words as he lay there swollen from the baseball bats and 27 knife wounds were, forgive them, and so the church did, uniformly as one body forgave the killers. this young man also forgave them and was instantly healed without a scratch on him. he went to his killer and that is another story of forgiveness in which turned the heart of a killer to one who gives life.

In Africa many stories abound with this kind of content and they are all validated. does it seem farfetched to us here? maybe because our lifestyle and challenges in life have a faith which does not include the supernatural of the miraculous kind but only in the dark of hauntings and such.

God is real, and is real apart from religion Jesus is real as Samual Kanco is alive today to tell us, and lives each day with life in the miraculous but then it is normal for them.

Something that they know and live with every day of their lives, they need God in this way due to the lack of medicial care and jobs.

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