By now you may have heard about the possibility of a Saturday rendezvous that may see over one hundred Earth citizens board the Starship Neptune for a ten day field trip through this galaxy and even beyond, leaving behind the confines of our 3rd dimension and rocketing into the 5th, 6th, and even 7th dimensions.

You may have even taken sides in the online chat room debates as to whether this channeled message was authentic and whether this trip, which possesses undeniable disclosure power, will actually manifest.

Popular channel Fran Zepeda, who I have great professional respect for, has received communications from Archangel Michael further discussing Saturday’s possibility.

Through Miss Zepeda, Archangel Michael advises us that Saturday’s ‘Joy Ride,’ as it has become known, does have the potential to manifest dependent on our collective, as well as individual consciousness. So, what are the variables in regards to our individual, as well as collective consciousness, and how can we better manifest the new reality so many wish to experience?

Humanity has for so long relied on left- brained thinking and the left side of our brain has served us well throughout our long evolution. This is the survival side of our brain. This is the logical side, the practical side, the analytical portion of our minds. This is the side of our brain that requires facts and demands proof before we cater to any new idea or concept.

This side of our brain, though a constant, yet many times over-bearing companion, must be left behind like a childhood midsummer romance. As the powers of this side of our brain can no longer compute the answers of higher dimensional equations.

We are required now to seek a new romance with a partner of unlimited imagination, creativity and intuition, an eternal optimist, a true dreamer who sees nothing but endless possibilities and knows not the meaning of the word fear.

This is the right hemisphere of our brain, and when we bridge the gap between these two opposing sides of our brain we create what is known as the Rainbow Bridge, the Anahkarana, which is also our bridge to the higher realms. As above-so below.

So many today are now debating on whether or not Saturday's joyride will actually take place. There are those that want a clear answer to this question and require proof that this event will happen. They try to analyze and calculate any evidence that may lead them to the answer to this question, though again, their left brains will surely disappoint.

There are others, the dreamers, the intuits, who believe this event will take place, they feel it, and are already making plans to be a part of the next cosmic field trip. Archangel Michael urges us to end our debating between ourselves and unite as one.

To come together and join these two seemingly opposing sides of our collective and strengthen our bond as the one we truly are. One living organism-one brain. We must bridge the gap between these two seemingly opposing sides of ourselves just as we must bridge the gap between the left and right hemispheres of our brain. As above-so below.

We must now come together as one and focus our divine powers of manifestation and create this event, not bicker and argue about whether it will happen or not. We have the ability to make Saturday one of the most significant days in the history of our planet. We have the power to do this.

By bridging the gap between us and pooling our individual powers of manifestation into one powerful collective consciousness, we can literally move mountains.

We can easily make Saturday happen, disclosure happen, and ascension happen.

This is the true lesson at the core of all that we have been experiencing since awakening from our long slumber. It is not about waiting for something to happen and wondering if any of these changes will ever take place, it is about reclaiming our divine powers of unlimited manifestation.

We mustn't squander our energy by debating the many scattered views and opinions concerning ascension and its many related areas, and instead focus on only one. We are that one. We are a powerful Creator being of unimaginable ability, and we have the power to easily manifest any reality we choose to experience.

Do we now all see that Saturday’s joyride is not dependent on any outside forces?

Do we all now understand that the only variable is us?

Do we now understand that as one collective mind, if it is the Saturday joyride we wish to experience, than that is precisely what Saturday will bring? Is this what we, as one powerful collective mind desire?

If it is, then let us come together and make it so.

My note: Greg Giles is on the list of Golden Ticket attendees. I will continue to post his updates as they come to us from onboard ship. Congratulations to Greg and all the Avalonians and others who are going for this Joyride on Saturday and in future days ahead. And okay, I just can't help myself from saying it again, Woo Woo!

I found this for you here: http://ascensionearth2012.blogspot.c....html?spref=fb