Schoolgirl 'spots UFO in Shropshire' UK


Schoolgirl 'spots UFO in Shropshire'
A schoolgirl claims to have spotted a UFO after filming a pulsing ball of blue light close to an RAF base.


20 Mar 2009
UFO sighting captured on camera by schoolgirl Harriet Rogers Photo: CATERS

Harriet Rogers captured the spherical shape on camera as it moved across the night sky and bizarrely started to change color.

She then jumped in the car with her father and followed the glowing ball as it hovered high above her house, about eight miles from RAF Cosford in Shrops.

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The pair watched as the light pulsed like a heartbeat, became brighter and then disappeared over the horizon 20 minutes later.

Harriet had been at home in Bridgnorth, Shrops, when her grandmother, who lives nearby, phoned to ask them what the 'blue blob' was in the sky.

The teenager managed to film seven minutes worth of footage of the suspected UFO on February 21, the third time she has encountered strange lights in the sky.

She said: "My grandmother telephoned telling us about a light in the sky, we went upstairs and had a look.

"What my dad and I saw was a light much brighter compared to the stars.

"At first, we thought it was a helicopter but then my dad and I went outside but could not hear any rotary blades.

"That's when we started getting suspicious, so I got the camcorder out.

"To the human eye, it just looked like a bright light but, on the camcorder we could see it pulsing, then suddenly changing colours. It was low in the sky."

Harriet chased the ball along the Craven Arms Road in Bridgnorth to try get a bit closer and and then watched spellbound as it sunk beyond the horizon.

She added: "This is when you could see with your own eyes that it was pulsing and changing colours.

"We stopped in a lay-by and rested the camcorder on a gate post where we got the best shots.

"We could see how it was getting much brighter than before.

"This isn't the only time that we have seen it, we have seen about two other strange lights on separate occasions, all roughly in the same direction but not the exact place."
Schoolgirl 'spots UFO in Shropshire' - Telegraph