Senor: No attack on Syria means ‘no attack on Iran’


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In case you missed my earlier post on how American Jewish groups are pushing President Ben Obama to kill more millions of Muslims and Christians in the Middle East for Israel, this may wake you from slumber.

Dan Senor, a Zionist Jew, who along with his Jewish guru, Nicholas D. Kristof, worked to spin the Iraq war for the Bush administration, said on Sunday that he was worried that if Congress votes against military action in Syria then lawmakers may refuse to use military force against Iran for the rest of President Barack Obama’s term.

During a panel discussion on ABC News, Senor said that there are two camps within the Republican Party. One is led by Sen. Rand Paul, who believes America should not get involved in attacking Syria or any other ME country. The other camp (led by Sen. McCain) supports American military involvement, but doesn’t trust Barack Obama.

Dan Senor, like Netanyahu, is obsessed with Iran. Last year, as Mitt Romney’s senior foreign policy adviser, he visited Israel. Speaking to reporters in Jerusalem, he said that Mitt Romney would support an Israeli decision to attack Iran’s nuclear program.

Senor also said: “It’s not enough just to stop Iran from developing a nuclear program. The capability, even if that capability is short of weaponization, is a pathway to weaponization, and the capability gives Iran the power it needs to wreak havoc in the region and around the world.”

Dan Senor was spokesperson for the US Viceroy in Iraq, Paul Bremer. Bremer is suspected as one of the 9/11 masterminds.

Professor Sadeq Zibakalam (University of Tehran) wrote in pro-reformist daily Etmad last week that an American attack on Syria would spell “end of a diplomacy aimed at reducing tension and reconciliation with the West”.

Senor: No attack on Syria means ?no attack on Iran? | Rehmat's World