Israel’s war on Iran begins … in Syria


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Yesterday, I watched RT’s flagship program ‘Cross Talk’ with Pepi Escobar vs Stephen Schlesinger discussing Barack Obama and his willing partners’ imminent attack on Syria. The program is hosted by US-born Peter Lavelle, Ph.D, a journalist and author who resides in Moscow. In 2010, Walter Isaacson, Zionist Jewish chairman of US Broadcasting Board of Governors named RT as “enemy of state” along with Iran’s Press TV and China’s CCTV.

Pepi Escobar is a Brazilian investigative journalist and political critic of western imperial policies. His articles have been published at Asia Times, TomDispatch and RT. On August 28, he warned Obama for being sucked into a phony ‘war on chemical weapons’ in Syria. Read the article here.

Stephen Schlesinger is an American author and Fellow at the New York-based The Century Foundation, a lobby group funded by the Wall Street fatcats. Schlesinger has Russian Jewish family roots. On August 23, neocon mouthpiece, The Huffington Post, in an article he urged Obama: “Don’t Go Into Syria“. He fears that a military attack on Syria will destroy any hope of a peace treaty between Israel and Mahmoud Abbas’ faction Fatah in the West Bank and a nuclear deal with Iran’s “moderate” president Hassan Rouhani. Furthermore, such attack will give an excuse to Lebanese Hizbullah and Iraqi Shia government to openly side with Bashar al-Assad government – and might start missile strikes on Israel by Hizbullah and Islamic Jihad groups.

At the Cross Talk, Pepe claimed that Obama may decide to go alone against Syria, just to save his face which he had tarnished by stupid “red-line” threats against Syria and Iran. Pepe said Syria never posed a threat to the United States or Israel. Pepi claimed Obama is being pushed by Israel and Bandar Bush (Saudi intelligence chief, prince Bandar bin Sultan) to take Damascus out of Hizbullah-Iran equation. Once it’s achieved, Israel will attack Lebanon followed by a US invasion of Iran.

Stephen Schlesinger agreed with Pepi that America should not get itself trapped in the Syrian conflict – but disagreed that US-Israel are behind everything going wrong in the region.

When Schlesinger claimed some US officials fear that as result of US attack on Syria, Iran or Syria might attack Israel – Pepi shouted: “It’s not going to happen”.

Aaron David Miller wrote at Jewish website Politico (August 26) that “Obama will bomb Syria” to prove to the world that he is against using chemical weapons on civilians.

“So far, Obama has been the Avoider-in-Chief when it comes to Syria. But the latest use of chemicals by Assad – perhaps their most extensive deployment since Saddam Hussein killed thousands of Kurds in Halabja – mandates a response, no matter how ineffective or risky it proves to be,” claimed the Zionist liar. Classified CIA documents reveal that 25 years ago, it was the United States which gave Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein the chemical weapons, which he used against Iran during the 8-year Iran-Iraq war and Iraqi Shia majority.

On Friday, CNN reported that none of the three surviving former US presidents is supporting Obama’s Israeli war in Syria. Both George Bush and Bill Clinton said it’s upto Obama to decide and they don’t want to get involved. Jimmy Carter, on the other hand, said that without the approval of the United Nations and the Arab League, an attack on Syria would be unconstitutional and against international law.

On August 27, 2013, Colin Liddell in an article, entitled ‘Gas! Gas! Gas! Nasty, wicked pois’nous gasssssss!!!!!‘ listed the western history of inventing and applying the chemical weapons on civilians. Read the article here.

On Friday, British parliament voted against David Cameron’s war on Syria. Germany, Itlay, Spain and Egypt (because of Syrian Muslim Brotherhood’s support for the rebels) have refused to join USrael war on Syria. NATO members with the exception of Turkey (only Muslim member of NATO) have shown their reluctance to the war.

Lebanese daily al-akhbar has reported that Tehran has rejected American deal that cancels the economic sanctions and acknowledges the Iranian rights in return for abandoning its support to Syria. Sultan of Oman Qaboos bin Said indirectly transmitted the headlines of the deal to the Iranian leadership during his recent meeting with Ayatullah Khamenei, who asserted that any Western strike against Syria would be faced by an uncontrollable storm of military responses.

On Friday, The Voice of Russia, reported that the anti-Assad rebels have admitted using the chemical weapon against civilians. They also said they received the weapons from Saudis via country’s intelligence chief prince Bandar. In other words, the chemical weapons were supplied by the US, UK or Israel – as Saudis always buy arms from those three countries.

Eric Draitser, a New York-based independent geopolitical analyst and founder of Stop Imperialism website, posted an article on August 29, entitled ‘War on Iran begins … in Syria’.

“As the United States, along with its European and Israeli allies, prepares to launch yet another illegal war of aggression in the Middle East, the geopolitics of the US strategy could not be more apparent,” he said.

“In the decades since the revolution of 1979 which created the modern Islamic Republic of Iran, the US policy toward that country has been antagonistic and belligerent to such a degree that Iran has been forced, out of sheer necessity, to rely very heavily on its few regional and international allies. And so, given the political posture of Bashar Assad, like that of his father before him, Damascus has been viewed as Iran’s key political partner, providing Iran with a crucial ally along the border with Israel and a bridge to the Hezbollah organization in Southern Lebanon…..Since the United States imposed draconian sanctions against Tehran, ostensibly over Iran’s alleged nuclear program, the economics of the Iran-Syria relationship have become even more significant ….. A centerpiece of this strategy is the Iran-Iraq-Syria gas pipeline deal signed last month. Intended to provide Iran with a new delivery route to the Mediterranean coast, giving it renewed access to the Eurasian landmass and markets, the pipeline is obviously a blow to US-Israeli attempts to strangle the regime in Iran economically. Syria, being the critical linchpin in this deal, figures significantly in the Iranian strategy to survive the sanctions, thereby necessitating Iranian involvement in the conflict if only to provide the critical support Assad needs to maintain control of the security of the country,” added Draitser.

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